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7 Qualities That Make a Great Professional Administrative Assistant

7 Qualities That Make a Great Professional Administrative Assistant

A Professional Administrative Assistant Can Make Life Easy

You will find many things familiar when you compare successful business owners. One of these is that most rely heavily on a professional administrative assistant. In fact, most business owners are typically only as good as their administrative assistant. Clearly, If this doesn’t make you realize the importance of having a virtual assistant, then I don’t know what will.

Seemingly, VA’s are the wizard behind the company curtain. For example, the shrewd administrative assistant is the one who keeps the office running efficiently. They are also the ‘eyes and ears’ of a company. Administrative professional assistants handle day-to-day administration and possibly for one or more executives. Most constantly look out for new innovations and to benefit the company’s bottom line.

Not only are professional assistants highly valuable to the smooth running of a business, but they also add value to the job in ways that make them critical to an organization’s success. So, what makes a VA so important? Below, we reveal all the qualities that make a great administrative assistant.


Professional Administrative Assistant


7 Qualities of a Great Assistant in Austin, TX

The requirement for professional administrative assistants is handling many details and challenging situations once. They act like a critical bridge between the bosses and the workforce. More often than not a professional administrative assistant is the also one that helps keep you employed. Incredibly, the support provided by VA’s requires some serious skills. Most importantly, these highly valued skills are like gold to business owners, executives, and other people at the helm.

With weak economic conditions forcing many businesses to lay off their staff, the responsibilities of administrative assistants have increased tenfold. You need to make sure there is no lapse in their performance. A lot of businesses today look to hire professional or specialist administrative virtual assistants in Austin, Texas. The following are seven essential qualities that make a great professional administrative assistant.



1. Strong Organizational Abilities

Firstly, perhaps the highest quality of professional administrative assistants is their ability to quickly and efficiently organize tasks. It’s the cornerstone of their profession. Organizational skills of administrative assistants include staying on top of diaries and calendars. They help in keeping your work papers filed neatly. This way they are always able to stay ahead of whatever’s next like a fast-moving train.

By keeping everything organized, administrative virtual assistants can multitask and keep track of everything that needs to be done. By ensuring nothing slips through the cracks you will have fewer problems down the road. With aide by your side, you can be sure that your files stay managed efficiently. Not to mention your incoming calls are tracked, and your outgoing correspondence sent.



2. Time Management Skills

Secondly, time management skills are probably second in line to organizational abilities when it comes to the essential qualities that make a great administrative assistant. There may not be enough time in a day for all the tasks that need to be taken care on that particular day, but part of an administrative assistant’s job is to make that happen. Experienced or capable administrative assistants can prioritize work, and they know when it’s time to move from one task to the next. Put just, time management skills are required for every company to operate smoothly, and professional administrative assistants have these skills in abundance.


Office Administration Skills


3. Ability to Adapt and Solve Problems

Thirdly, a skill that all administrative assistants must have is the ability to adapt to any situation on the go. Its like no matter what comes up, your assistant must be able to think quickly. Whats, even more, is that efficiency goes a long way. In addition to being adaptable, an Austin, Texas VA must be able to handle stressful situations. Naturally, their ability to solve minor problems without taking advice from the bosses is paramount to your success. Surprisingly enough, they can even help get you through significant issues and tasks too.



4. Communication Skills

Next, communication, organization, time management are often the most desired skills sought in an assistant.  From emails to company-wide memos, administrative PA’s need to write many documents. A professional administrative assistant can do this openly and succinctly. Additionally, they have proper phone etiquette.

Your PA will answer and screen phone calls, welcome guests, and assist clients with their questions or concerns. Ultimately, This allows business owners and top executives to run their business without any disturbances.



5. Ability to Keep a Secret

Fifthly, the ability to keep a secret is a quality that all good administrative assistants have. For nearly any business, maintaining the confidentiality of their sensitive information is one of the most important things. Often, administrative assistants are asked to handle confidential information, and it is crucial that the assistants keep this information a secret. To be specific, it is both the duty and ethical responsibility of professional administrative assistants to follow all company information confidential and not break the trust that the business owners or top executives have shown in them.


Austin Texas


6. Planning Skills

An essential and necessary quality of any assistant is their ability to plan. Planning skills such as creating administrative and office procedures. Also, other things such as a method for employees to call in sick. To this end, no matter what task or system they’re planning, your assistant must show attention to detail. Moreover, they must be able to divide their work and anticipate the resources needed to complete projects on time.



7. IT Literacy

IT is an essential quality of a professional administrative assistant. Besides just IT, administrative VA’s need to be proficient in Microsoft Office. Not to mention any other software that is also needed to work on to complete their job responsibilities.

A2ZVA provides administrative support in Austin, Texas. We will take care of your business correspondences, phone support, customer relationship management, researching and reports, database management, and more. You name it, and we will probably do it!


Forget The Online Schedule Maker, Hire A2ZVA Instead

Forget The Online Schedule Maker, Hire A2ZVA Instead

Why are so Many Professionals Using Online Schedule Makers?

For many business owners, the idea of living life by a routine seems counterproductive to the whole ethos of entrepreneurship. After all, you probably wanted to escape the corporate world because you desired more freedom in your work and personal life. However, the truth is that an improvised daily calendar generally leads to more extended hours with far less impressive results. A study from FranklinCovey showed that most people spend up to 40% of their day engaged in non-productive activities. These are activities that add absolutely no value to their companies. It’s not surprising; with emails, phone calls, and a range of administrative tasks to deal with, it’s tough to find time actually to grow your businesses. Online schedule maker tools help these individuals to manage their time in a far more effective manner.


Online Schedule Maker


How an Online Schedule Maker Can Help

  • A web scheduler will allow you to identify and prioritize your most critical jobs so that you can ensure that they are completed to your utmost satisfaction. Research shows that decision-making deteriorates the more it’s called upon. By leaving repetitive, low-value activities to the end of the workday, you don’t lose any of your mental sharpness when it matters.
  • An online schedule maker can help you achieve better business outcomes. Pareto’s Law states that 80% of outputs result from just 20% of inputs. If you’re able to pack more value into 20% of your work, you’ll be contributing far more to your bottom line.
  • With a web scheduler, you can block out specific periods of your day, to particular functions and avoid the menace of multi-tasking. Switching your focus between different tasks will actually significantly impact your standard of work.
  • An online schedule maker acts a solid basis for communicating with employees. By laying out your projects in a clearly defined manner, you can quickly clear up any confusion amongst your employees by referring them to your written plan. As you make progress with specific projects you can use your web scheduler to track the steps taken so far, and the work that remains before you can deliver on the required outcomes.



A Virtual Assistant Can do More than a Simple Web Scheduler

At A2ZVA in Austin, Texas our experienced virtual assistants can take the benefits of online schedule maker tools one step further. These apps can undoubtedly help you automate and streamline your calendar. However, they are only designed to supplement your existing time management strategies. With one of our expert VAs on your side, you have to capability to control almost every aspect of your working life with ease. Here’s how we can help.



No Double-Bookings

Even with an online schedule maker in hand, it can be difficult to track your appointments across a packed work schedule. In worst case scenarios, this might lead you to book meetings with two high-value clients at the same time, on the same day. By rescheduling either of these appointments, you might end up losing out on a great sales opportunity. At best, your lack of foresight will reflect poorly on your professionalism and overall commitment to customer service.

Our remote assistants in Austin, Texas will help you organize your appointments so that these sorts of conflicts never arise. Once you’ve handled the particulars of an initial sales call, you can hand the client over to one of our representatives.

Not only can we set up a convenient booking that suits your calendar. However, we can also rearrange your appointments to accommodate more high-priority clients. Moreover, take care of informing lower-value leads about the change in plans.


Web Scheduler


Curating Client Communications

Every entrepreneur spends a good chunk of their time dealing with a vast backlog of follow-up calls and emails. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these communications lead to any defined benefits for your business. At the same time, you cannot afford to ignore any of these messages. Even one open call could represent a potential sale that leads to massive revenues down the line.  Responsiveness is also one of the key metrics which define the quality of a business’s customer service. So how are you supposed to strike a balance between your time constraints and the expectation for prompt replies?

Our administrative support staff in Austin, Texas serves an essential function in filtering out inbound communications. We can weed out telemarketers, spammers, scammers, low-value repeat callers and disgruntled customers. We do this to create a list of qualified prospects that represent real value for your business. An online schedule maker might help you decide on the amount of time you want to dedicate to these activities. However, we can help you turn even routine emails and calls into a real earning opportunity.




An online schedule maker allows you to rearrange your workload according to the most high-priority tasks. However, what if you could fill up every workday with only high-priority tasks? Imagine, how much more you would be able to accomplish over a month. Our virtual assistants can take over a range of time-consuming support functions that would otherwise eat into your productivity. From bookkeeping and social media management to basic web design and researching, we take many of the responsibilities of entrepreneurship off your shoulders.



A Second Opinion

When you’re putting out fires every day, it can be challenging to have a sense of perspective about your business. You don’t know where it’s headed. A remote executive assistant will give you some much-needed objectivity. It will help you plan your calendar in light of your overarching business objectives. With a VA on your side, you can bounce your strategies off of an experienced, well-rounded individual who is intimately familiar with your business already. Using their insights, you can use your web scheduler far more effectively to achieve the kind of outcomes you desired.


Austin Texas



What is a Virtual Assistant – That is the Question

What is a Virtual Assistant – That is the Question

What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?

Entrepreneurship can seem incredibly appealing to people that are on the outside looking in. You get to set your hours, focus on your passions. The best part is that you can reap almost all of the profits from your brilliant business ideas, what’s not to like? A lot, as it turns out. Recently, a Gallup poll revealed that the average business owner works over 60-hours a week. Additionally, 62% of survey respondents indicated that the stress went up by the hours worked. But, is a healthy work-life balance possible in today’s ultra-competitive operating environment? Without a doubt! However, to do so, you need to ask another question: what is a virtual assistant and how can I go about outsourcing administrative work?


What Is A Virtual Assistant


How an Online Secretary Service Can Benefit Your Business

Over the past decade, assistants have gone from glorified secretaries to key staff members in a variety of businesses. These employees act as front-line strategists. They constantly implement the best management practices across all areas of their organizations. While VAs may not offer specialist expertise in any single skill, they usually have a working knowledge of many functions. Among these functions include IT, Finance, Marketing, and HR. This type of multi-disciplinary support offered by these employees proves quite essential to novice business owners.

Unfortunately, qualified in-house administrative support staff usually cost far more than most business owners are willing to pay. On average, full-time employees earn around $35,000 a year. Not to mention, that’s also without factoring in 401k contributions, benefits, PTO, recruitment, training, and additional infrastructure requirements.

By comparison, off-shore administrative staff can cost you as little as $4 an hour, although these freelancers are generally not up to the task of handling more complex business activities. But even if you’re outsourcing administrative work to US-based VA’s that offer top-tier functional expertise and experience you will still spend far less than you would on a similarly skilled permanent employee.

We know what you’re thinking: yes, but what is a remote worker going to be able to do on a budget, that’s as limited as mine?  The answer is a lot, and here’s how.



What is a Virtual Assistant Worth?

While in-office secretaries can prove extremely valuable in a lot of situations, they can seem somewhat superfluous when business is slow, and clients aren’t calling in. In these cases, you might even wonder whether they’re worth the hefty salary. After all, that money is coming out of your take-home profit.

Conversely, you’ll never find yourself asking: what is a virtual assistant doing for my business because these employees work on a needs-basis. You only need to pay them for the hours they work. That means no benefits, no bonuses, no extravagant salaries, no equipment costs, and indeed no vacation time.  You get all the advantages of a qualified, full-time employee without any of the expenses, and there’s no catch!



What Online Secretary Services Bring to the Table

In practice, online secretary services can take care of just about any task you want. Here is a brief rundown of the types of services you can expect.


Outsourcing Administrative Work



50% of businesses fail by their fifth year. According to research aggregator StatsBrain, the majority of these failures are due to financial incompetence. In particular, non-payment of taxes, inadequate budgeting, and a lack of bookkeeping experience. The numbers don’t lie bookkeeping is essential for keeping your business on solid footing.

A remote bookkeeper can take over your daily ledgers and accounts. By outsourcing administrative work to a reputable company you can ensure that your bills are being paid on time and that customers are making necessary payments within a reasonable period. Apart from managing accounts receivable and payable, remote bookkeepers can also compile all the necessary documentation for annual and quarterly tax filings. If you need to budget for a new capital expenditure then these remote workers can also help you understand whether your existing financial position allows for that kind of expenditure.

So if you’re thinking: what is a virtual assistant actually doing every day? The answer is they might be making sure that it remains financially stable for years to come.



Outsourcing Administrative Work

While answering calls and mailing invoices might seem like relatively minor tasks. These activities can take up hours of your life without contributing anything substantial to your bottom line. At the same time, neglecting these communications might well cost you some of your most important clients.  By outsourcing administrative work you have the assurance that both basic and complex support activities are completed according to your expectations.

When it comes to administrative work, you never have to ask: what is a virtual assistant offering, because they’re right there providing administrative support to almost every area of your business.  An online secretary service should be able to handle the following tasks with ease:

  • Managing and answering emails.
  • Booking client appointments.
  • Initiating follow-ups with important clients and first-time customers.
  • Managing your works schedule and appointments.
  • Organizing your digital files.
  • Answering client messages.
  • Handling travel and accommodation arrangements for business trips.
  • Basic data entry.



Digital Marketing

In the 21st century, every business needs an online presence. By outsourcing administrative work to  A2ZVA, you gain access to a range of digital marketing skills that can help you establish and expand your digital brand.

SEO – 75% of Google searches never go past the first page. If you want to draw traffic to your website and boost conversions in the process, your company need to show up on the first page of a Google search. A digitally savvy remote marketer can research keywords that will help you optimize your online content, and they can even seek out online partnerships with popular companies that could let you set up a system of backlinks to further increase your chances of a top ranking.

Social Media Management – Customers expect every business to be digitally accessible, and they demand instant responses to the feedback provided through these online channels. When someone references your business with a hashtag or posts a complaint to your or Facebook page then they’re looking for immediate action. An on-the-ball VA can answer these concerns professionally, promptly and politely at all hours of the day, and keep your online reputation as pristine as possible in the process.

Website Design – Statistics suggest that you have only 7 seconds to grab an online visitor’s attention before they navigate away from your website. What is a virtual assistant supposed to do to change that? They can help you redesign your website in order to make it easy to browse, quicker to load and ultimately more attractive to look at.


Online Secretary Services



Virtual Administrative Support – Why Your Business Needs It

Virtual Administrative Support – Why Your Business Needs It

Virtual Administrative Support Brings Real Business Benefits

As an ambitious entrepreneur, it’s only natural that you want to give as much of yourself to your work as possible. After all, this is your investment, and you want to make sure it pays off. While this is admirable, doing it all on your own can make you lose focus of the bigger picture. Running from task to task, managing accounts, arranging meetings and negotiating with suppliers is hard work. Therefore it’s only inevitable that the growth of your company might slip from your grasp. If you’re serious about success then you need to be able to delegate these day-to-day activities so you can focus on the key areas that will actually lead you towards your business objectives. That’s where a virtual administrative support assistant comes in.


Virtual Administrative Support


How Online Personal Assistant Services Can Help

Being on a limited budget makes things like hiring a virtual administrative support worker a luxury. But, by refusing to outsource time-consuming tasks you might be costing your business even more. A survey from Proudfoot Consulting showed poor work and lack of leadership cost US businesses a combined $598 billion in 2006.

There are also a variety of factors that lead to those rising costs. First, when you take charge of every decision made across an average workday, you will reduce your ability to make optimal choices when it matters the most. With virtual administrative support, this is no longer a concern. Now you’re free to focus on strategy and routine decisions. Think of all of the things you used to do with your time. Well, they are no more! Indeed, things like event planning, appointment booking, and bookkeeping are all handled by your assistant.  Now focusing on you is easier than ever before. Say bye-bye to those rising costs. Hello Freedom.

Virtual administrative support assistants can also function as a secondary line of control. This might be very handy in many critical business processes. These workers are usually aware of key details about your suppliers, customers, and investments. All of those billing errors and late payments that might otherwise go unnoticed are immediately identified and resolved. With a more effectively planned working schedule in place, you can also ensure that you don’t miss critical product deadlines. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on client meetings and focusing on revenue generation? I know I would. In the same manner, our virtual administrative support staff helps you avoid losses while increasing earnings.



What Do Online Personal Assistant Services Bring to the Table?

According to Forbes, business owners should look to delegate any task that is process-oriented but time-consuming. In other words, if a particular activity can be approached in a systematic manner that doesn’t require your intervention or oversight, then this is a task that can be outsourced to online personal assistant services.

Virtual administrative support can also help you round out the skills that exist within your business at a fraction of the cost. While frontline and technical staff usually need to be hired in-house, there are a number of support functions where on-site employees are simply too expensive to consider. A full-time bookkeeper will usually ask for at least $30-$40 an hour plus benefits, while a social media manager can pull in up to $50,000 a year, by contrast, our personal assistant services in Austin, Texas are affordable, flexible and scalable according to your requirements. Here are some key areas where our virtual administrative support workers can support your business.



Technological Assistance

In the 21st century, even the most analog business relies on digital processes. Whether you need to perform data entry on your CRM systems, schedule your projects and meetings through software like Google Schedule Maker, or prepare presentations for clients on programs like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel; you need a working knowledge of several different interlinking technologies. Our virtual administrative support assistants in Austin, Texas are well-versed with a range of industry-standard applications, and they can help you prepare attractive, accurate digital documents and records with ease.


Online Personal Assistant Services


Social Media Management

Like it or not, a strong social media presence has become a necessity for businesses at every scale. Whether your business is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Snapchat, your profile provides a principal vector through which you can draw traffic, increase brand recognition, address customer concerns, and ultimately increase revenues. However, taking the opposite approach to social media is a terrible idea. Today at least 84% of consumers expect businesses to respond within 24 hours. Are you able to deliver on those expectations?

If not, then online personal assistant services can help. Our virtual administrative support services help you manage and control your profiles across multiple platforms so that you can deal with feedback, complaints, and inquiries, efficiently and professionally. On top of that, we can also prepare an active social media posting schedule. Our consistent posting helps you maintain a consistent brand presence at all times. Remember, consistency is key.




Whether you’re replying to client emails or creating messages for your latest campaign you need to make sure that all written communications are error-free and brand-appropriate; otherwise, you could quickly build an unprofessional image. Our online personal services are set up to help you edit existing projects,  research and create new content, and answer email correspondences in a manner that is reflective of your business.




Solid and sound financial management builds every business. Regardless of how much money you have coming in, you need to make sure that all your incoming and outgoing transactions are being recorded and stored accurately. Without an experienced bookkeeper in place you could find yourself:

  • Losing track of outstanding bills and having customers fail to pay on time.
  • Spending more than you’re earning due to a lack of proper budgeting.
  • Failure to pay suppliers on time which could affect your working relationships and credit terms.
  • Failing to repay business debts which could put you in default with lenders.
  • Missing tax deadlines as you struggle to keep up with the backlog of documentation. This can and will expose you to hefty fines or even audits.


Austin Texas


At A2ZVA our virtual administrative support staff in Austin, Texas brings years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to your project. We can handle billing, payments, financial reporting, and management of receivables so that your business always has a solid foundation to build from.


Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Appointment Booking

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Appointment Booking

Add Hours to your Day with Professional Appointment Booking

HR statistics show that only 20% of the average workday consists of critical, value-adding activities. Amazingly, the other 80% of the time had little to no value to the businesses goals. Studies like these prove just how vital proper time management is. Also, with time on your side, your career and personal life become easier to manage. However, If you are unable to channel your productivity and focus on your clients, you could ultimately find yourself at a loss. To that effect, our expert appointment booking service in Austin, Texas help you manage and organize your daily responsibilities. Losing becomes a thing of the past.


Appointment Booking


How Outsourced Appointment Booking Can Help Your Business


Qualifying Prospects

It takes an estimated 6.25 hours for the average salesperson to schedule just one appointment with a prospective client. That amounts to about eight phone calls per hour.  Also, are you prepared to spend that much time on appointment booking for a single individual when only 6% of opportunities ever actually translate into deals?  However, when outsourcing your appointment booking to a virtual assistant, you ensure that these time-consuming functions filter through one source. Our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas can reach out to every prospect and ensure that only the hottest leads are passed onto you.



Following Up

The majority of successful sales require at least 5 follow-up calls, yet most salespeople stop calling back after just one! It’s not surprising, you only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to client communications, and even texting can take you away from more surefire prospects. Nevertheless, you could be losing out on a significant amount of business by not booking appointments with more cautious leads. By assigning your appointment booking to an outsourced specialist, you can ensure that each initial sales call is chased via email, phone and text until you receive either an appointment confirmation or a firm rejection.



More Efficient Appointment Booking

Let’s face it; appointment booking sometimes feels like the worst chose ever. Am I right? In most cases, you have to contend with long hold times and inconvenient operating hours. Also, the laborious process of finding open time slots that work for all parties.  A GetApp research survey revealed that at least 36% of respondents were looking for ways to schedule appointments more effectively. Additionally, a further 31% of people would be willing to switch services if that company offered more efficient appointment booking.

A dedicated employee can always take over this function, and use tools like Google Schedule Maker to coordinate time slots and create a far more accessible appointment booking process for these clients. This too will help you gain a clear advantage over the competition.


Google Schedule Maker


Easier Rescheduling and Cancellations

Ineffective appointment booking doesn’t just affect the customer experience; it also has real impacts on your bottom line. Industry statistics show that just one missed medical appointment can cost a clinic up around $125. Additionally, that figure translates to an additional operational cost of $32,500 across a single month. That’s without adding in a no-show rate of just 13%.  A professional appointment booking service can take over all re-scheduling and cancellations for your clients. This way you don’t have to sit through hours of non-productivity due to inconsistent appointment booking.

By initiating additional reminders through text, phone, and email virtual assistants can also help to ensure that patients don’t miss out on an urgent medical appointment by accident. Data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that SMS reminders succeed in catching patients’ attention up 99% of the time, while phone reminders can have a contact rate of between 30 to 60%



A Well-Ordered Calendar with Google Schedule Maker

As a business owner your time is split between a seemingly endless series of urgent tasks; from hiring and training employees to plan, budgeting, bookkeeping, and of course meeting with existing and prospective clients. But, with such a jam-packed schedule it can be extremely difficult to take a step back and think about what you’re actually accomplishing over a month or even a year. As a result, you can often find yourself bouncing between one duty to the next with little clear idea of how much value you’re adding to the business.

Also, an appointment booking virtual assistant can help you add direction and purpose to your working life. These individuals will work with you to design and properly organize your daily calendar using software like Google Schedule Maker. With this schedule to refer to, you can make sure that you attend mandatory meetings, reach out to important clients, and plan ahead for overseas trips with plenty of time to spare. Best of all, you’ll know how each of these activities is affecting your business in broader terms.



No More Double Booking

Business-owners with multiple irons on the fire will often find themselves accidentally double-booking clients. It’s not exactly surprising; with so many other duties to get to over the course of the day it can be difficult to mark out time for new meetings, especially when you’re in a rush. Unfortunately, many clients may not be as forgiving of your oversight. In an ultra-competitive operating environment, one bad experience can cause a hot prospect to slip from your fingers in a flash, and multiple incidents can even cause permanent harm to your business’s reputation.

For example, healthcare providers often practice double-booking as a normal part of their operations. They will set up two patients with a medical appointment at the same time, in the belief that one appointment may run short or that another patient is likely to no-show. While this strategy may pay dividends in limited cases where the appointment setter knows the patient very well, in worst-case scenarios you will end up compromising one patient’s health care while forcing another patient to wait far longer than expected.

An experienced appointment setter can employ Google Schedule Maker and other time optimization tools to reorganize your appointment booking for maximum efficiency. So that you don’t have to rely on double booking for extra profits anymore.


Austin Texas


Appointment Booking Services in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re running a medical practice or a B2B business, you need a better way of handling your customers. At A2ZA our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas have years of experience in appointment booking for firms in every industry. With the help of cutting-edge scheduling tools like Google Schedule Maker, they can ensure that each client meeting is set up according to your daily working requirements.


Virtual Assistant Jobs – What Can You Do As a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Jobs – What Can You Do As a Virtual Assistant?

Often, both individuals and businesses post adverts for virtual assistant jobs.

This is one of the major spreads of the internet “the opportunity to work remotely (almost anywhere around the globe)”. Here’s the problem… many solo-preneurs haven’t got a glimpse of the whole picture yet. Nothing is impossible in the 21st century. You can be in the comfort of your home and earn as much as you want. Yes… as much as you want. As an entrepreneur-Virtual Assistant precisely, you decide what you earn and how you earn it. If you fail, you simply fail yourself. There’s virtually no limit to how much you can earn. That’s the good news.

However, there’s a bad news- The market is overcrowded with virtual assistant jobs. Newbies and professionals alike, seek VA’s from here and afar for the best talent out there. Unfortunately, almost 90% of so-called professionals aren’t experts at all. They simply copy enticing content from others websites or pay someone to write the enticing content for them which they send as a pitch to people seeking Virtual Assistant Supports. Don’t be surprised that they’re always ahead of everyone else and their proposals may fill up the first spaces before yours.


Virtual Assistant Jobs


Are Virtual Assistant Jobs Really Worth All The Hype?

Over 80% of businesses spread the hype of what their virtual assistants do for them. This is because a VA can be of much benefit to the company money and growth-wise.  Obviously, if the virtual assistant is not a good fit, then you could lose money. No one wants that. This is why every business owner seeking Virtual Assistant support are encouraged to take their time to go through even the later pitches submitted to find out what they’ve got to offer. Of course, the result is always outstanding if they take due diligence.

Note: Real Virtual Assistants are always busy and may not have the time to discover your job advert within the first hour of posting. But, you’re aware pitches are submitted almost immediately once you place your advert. Some don’t even take time to read you your job description before submitting their proposals. They’re simply doing nothing, my dear. Since they aren’t engaged they have all the time to submit proposals even few minutes after your advert placements. This is just a hint for business owners.



What Can I Do as A Virtual Assistant?

You can do a lot of things. In fact, everything you can think of. Whatever services you think you can offer or skill you possess, someone needs them to grow their business. It all depends on your skill set, training, and experience.

Below are some of the services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Internet Research
  • Phone calls and correspondence
  • Email Correspondence
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Data entry
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Bookkeeping
  • Blog management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Proofreading
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Building
  • Project management
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Services


Virtual Assistant


As a Virtual Assistant, you can choose to work as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

But, you’ll, first of all, know which of the routes will pay you better. The quality of your services really has a huge impact on your business. For example, you don’t expect a highly satisfied and happy client to leave you and start looking for someone they’ve not tried their services. I believe you won’t do that too. So, the focus should be more on what you offer than what you start to earn. Once companies discover what you can offer and it meets their business requirements, they’ll be ready to pay you just anything you want.

Note: when you work for a company as Virtual Assistant (employee), there’s much you stand to gain. You don’t have to invest your money to find clients but you’ll have a lot of restrictions (your pay rate, work hours and your working procedures). But when you set up your own Virtual Assistant Business like a2z, you’ll be more flexible (your rates, working hours, working processes, scheduling, choosing clients) and more. However, you’ll have to find your own clients and submit pitches for considerations.



Where Can You Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

You can find virtual assistant jobs almost everywhere either as a freelancer or an employee.

You can earn any amount depending on how you deliver any of the services. Don’t let anyone deceive you which of the Virtual Assistant Job are high paying or is not. No one will pay a novice who only claims professionalism in words, not in true practice. You need to stand out in whatever services you’re offering and wait for the returns.



Do You Need Any Training?

Is this a sane question? I guess not. There’s no Virtual Assistant service that doesn’t require a training to perfectly execute it. This is one of the major problems many Virtual Assistants often encounter while sourcing for jobs. They simply go for easy tasks that don’t require any training and expect to get paid heaven for it. Listen, anyone can do such jobs including your employers. How then do you expect them to pay you heavily for something they can do? You must offer something exceptional. Something only you can do and do perfectly well. Only then will they rate the value of your services and pay you what you demand.

You can buy online courses for Virtual Assistants, attend events and/or seminars to acquire some skills or sign up for apprenticeship under someone you admire and want to be like. There’s one entrepreneurial quote that best fit in the Virtual Assistant endeavors “Learn before You Earn”


Austin Texas


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Or, You could take a walk on the wild side. Send us your resume. We will reach out if we think it would be a good fit. Good Luck!


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