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SaaS Virtual Assistant

Saas Virtual Assistant

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a highly popular means of software delivery to consumers all across the globe. According to statistics, over 73% of businesses believe their application will be SaaS by the year 2020. With more and more businesses jumping on this bandwagon, the competition is getting fierce. However, as your SaaS business grows, so does its need for resources. Rather than overworking team members, hiring virtual assistants for daily and mission critical tasks can ensure steady growth.

Why you need to outsource VAs for a SaaS business

  • Successful SaaS services scale their teams by about 56% each year, which makes hiring the right talent critical.
  • Typical SaaS companies grow 20% annually but they have a 92% chance of failing if it fails to scale resources accordingly.
  • High growth SaaS companies are 8 times more likely to reach $1 billion in revenue than those that grow less than 20% annually.
  • Running 80% of marketing efforts is just one way software startups remain competitive without breaking the bank.

    You Build Software, We Build Smiles.

    When in-house options are not an option, outsourcing financial and marketing assistance is a cost-effective alternative. At A2ZVA, our SaaS virtual assistant service can take on a range of supportive functions that can otherwise take staff and resources you may not have. In other words, without a SaaS virtual assistant, you may be missing out on customers and thus revenue.

    Our multi-functional VAs can help you with:

    • Customer Management – No matter how well a software system works, if customers cannot be convinced that they need it, your business can incur heavy losses. A SaaS virtual assistant can resolve quick queries and explain the software in detail for higher turnover. Whether we are communicating via email, fax, or through a chat window, the answer will be well-formatted, polite, and have accurate product information.


    • Churn Rate Management – To break-even, a SaaS business’s churn rate should remain consistent with customer growth. However, if customer turnover is greater than growth, the business fails. Rather than hiring someone in-house to track this, assign a SaaS virtual assistant to track it for you by keeping track of consumer needs. Our VAs can engage with your clientele and discover common pain points which you may miss because of a busy schedule or tight deadlines.
      • Market Penetration – There are over 6000 SaaS companies in the marketing space alone. Even the most niche product is likely to face stiff competition. With a SaaS virtual assistant who is proficient in SEO, you can make your products stand out online. From keyword research to market analytics and responsive design, we can help you outshine competitors with a powerful online presence.


      • Startup Support – If your SaaS business is in the startup phase, you might unintentionally ignore legal and financial permits that can sink your enterprise. At A2ZVA, our virtual assistants can provide bookkeeping, accounting, research, and recruitment services that can support you during this fragile stage.

      You build software, We Build Smiles.

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