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6 Reasons You Need QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

6 Reasons You Need QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services Make Bookkeeping a Breeze

In the beginning, most business owners assume the majority of the bookkeeping and accounting duties themselves. While this can potentially save money, it is mostly counterproductive. Even if you have the required skills and knowledge to tackle bookkeeping and accounting for your business yourself, you should not prolong this habit for too long. Why is that? When you first start a business, in most cases at least, maintaining accounting and other business records yourself is relatively manageable. There is often a limited number of workers and clients, as well as relatively small streams of income and expenses. However, as your business grows, hiring a professional to maintain all your records becomes critical. The criticalness is where bookkeeping services such as QuickBooks bookkeeping services come into play.

Those days are long gone when bookkeeping services were considered luxury businesses can barely afford. Today, they are a necessity for every company that wants to keep track of its finances.  Professional bookkeeping services such as QuickBooks bookkeeping services facilitate smooth financial management. These services ensure that nothing gets lost to negligence in accounting and bookkeeping. Ultimately, with the efficient operation of your business, the potential to save considerable sums of money increases. Here, we reveal why using the QuickBooks software and QuickBooks bookkeeping services is the ideal accounting and bookkeeping solution for your business.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services


Premier Accounting Solutions for Businesses in Austin, TX

While our focus is on helping businesses in Austin, TX, we can safely say that QuickBooks is the ideal accounting software. This is true for local businesses as well as for companies across the globe. We are proud to admit that we are amongst the biggest proponents of QuickBooks software thus illustrated by the QuickBooks Bookkeeping services we offer. Why are we such fans of QuickBooks and what makes our QuickBooks services so unique? The following qualities of the software and QuickBooks services should serve as a guide:



1. Easier to Manage than Spreadsheets

With spreadsheets such as Excel, you can enter data and can perform a wide range of calculations. However, to get the most from them you need to know all the shortcuts, formulas and ways to set up spreadsheets. Setting up an Excel spreadsheet to manage your business’ bookkeeping requires a lot of knowledge. Much more than just opening up the program itself. None of this is required when you hire QuickBooks bookkeeping services. QuickBooks programs and services take the mystery out of many accounting and bookkeeping duties. We offer QB services to make business and life a lot easier. Everyone likes easier right!



2. Easily Track Expenses

With QuickBooks services, importing data to your records is like a walk in the park. Whether you need to track bank transactions, credit card transitions, or PayPal payments, QuickBooks services can import and sort your expenses into different categories for audit and tax purposes. Additionally, they can take a snapshot of your receipts and link them to the right records with the help of a smartphone.


Small Business Accounting Software


3. Generate Financial Reports Needed to Make Good Business Decisions

QuickBooks services can generate reports from your data and then analyze them to help you make better business decisions. For example, they can create profit and loss reports. These reports show the income and expenses of your business in an easy-to-read format. By analyzing this report, QuickBooks finds ways to reduce your fees and costs. This definitively identifies aspects of your business that you need to be focusing on more. What more do you need?



4. Easily Reconcile Your Accounts and Entries

QuickBooks services make it easier for you to reconcile your accounts and entries. They make this possible by catching missing and duplicating entries you ensure your records are as accurate as possible. When you don’t have to identify missing and copy entries, you save much time. Time saved can prove pivotal to your business in the long run. Moreover, your tax preparer will thank you for this. Unlike the QuickBooks software, spreadsheets like Excel lack a system of checks-and-balances that ensure no data gets missed during entry, which can be costly for any business.



5. Get the Right Assistance

If you’re searching for QuickBooks bookkeeping services, you’re going to a find an experienced and highly-professional bookkeeping service. The odds of this happening are 9/10. Why is that? Only the best and most professional bookkeeping services offer QuickBooks services today because they are confident about doing justice to the software. A QuickBooks specialist will take your bookkeeping to the next level and will free you up for more important matters.

No matter how educated or skilled you are, it’s always a safe bet to let a professional bookkeeping service manage and keep track of your business finances for you. Yes, you will have to pay an amount for the privilege, but know that you’re shelling out money for accurate, well-organized, and cost-effective records of your business. You’re not just paying for accuracy; you’re also paying for peace of mind and expediency that only a professional bookkeeping service can provide. Ultimately, the expense will be worth your time and money.


Austin Texas


6. Cut Down on Responsibilities

We will conclude by reiterating the first point we made—assuming most of the accounting and bookkeeping duties yourself is mostly counterproductive.  This arrangement may work in the beginning, but as your business grows and more workers, clients, and streams of income and expenses enter the fray, you will have a hard time doing the needful, which is managing accounting and bookkeeping for your business.

You can save yourself the trouble by hiring professional QuickBooks bookkeeping services. Going this way will allow you to cut down on a lot of additional responsibilities. Sooner or later, your business accounting and bookkeeping will supersede your capabilities to perform them. Failing to keep adequate accounting records can be devastating for your business. Hiring a professional bookkeeping service can reduce this risk and allow you to focus on growing your business.

A2ZVA provides accounting and bookkeeping services in Austin, Texas that can bring years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to your project. We can handle billing, payments, financial reporting, and management of receivables to make accounting less intimidating for your business, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Master Outsourced Bookkeeping Services In Just A Few Hours!

Master Outsourced Bookkeeping Services In Just A Few Hours!

Can You Really Trust Outsourced Bookkeeping Services?

product quality, customer service, and marketing all contribute to your bottom line. Ultimately every small business succeeds or fails on the strength of its day-to-day finances. With this in mind, the decision to hand over your regular invoicing, billing, and record management to a third-party definitely requires some careful consideration. Although outsourced bookkeeping services offer a number of critical advantages over full charge bookkeepers, they can also pose some unique challenges which you would not have to face with an in-house employee.


Outsourced Bookkeeping Services


Full Charge Vs Outsourced Accounting



At smaller organizations, full charge bookkeepers usually take charge of monitoring, recording and reporting transactions. Everything from payroll to bank reconciliations and payables/receivables ledgers management falls under their remit. As full-time senior employees, these individuals can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 a year. Lets also not forget about benefits and PTO. Meanwhile, our virtual bookkeepers in Austin, Texas perform the same tasks at a far more affordable hourly rate.

Another overlooked cost of hiring locally is the infrastructure investment involved in setting up a new employee. Your full charge bookkeeper will require Internet access. Your bookkeeper will also need a dedicated computer and some form of accounting software Watch out though as yearly subscriptions can cost hundreds of dollars. With outsourced bookkeeping services, we bear all of these expenses and simply provide you with the services you need.




Of course, when you’re handing over sensitive documents you need to be sure that your data is handled safely. While a full-charge bookkeeper can usually be monitored without much effort. With an outsourced bookkeeping service, here are some issues you will have to think about. You need to start thinking about whether your communications are encrypted to prevent monitoring. Also, whether files are backed up for easy retrieval, and how accessible your files are to unauthorized individuals.

At A2ZVA, we use cutting-edge security tools like LastPass to protect your credentials. All of our work is done on online cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks which allows for real-time backups and robust platform-wide security for your comfort. You can also retain access to your books at all times to ensure that updates are being made accurately and promptly.


Full Charge Bookkeeper



More often than not, a  full-charge bookkeeper is usually brought on board after a lengthy hiring process. This process often involves checking resumes, conducting interviews as well as verifying references. Not only do these activities take a significant amount of time and money to arrange, but are sometimes a nightmare. However, in the end, you usually end up with a qualified employee as a result.

By comparison, many outsourced bookkeeping services fail to deliver the right professional skills for this critical function. With cheap offshore freelancers, this is also often true. Freelancers in general, often lack the necessary familiarity with local tax codes and regulations. At A2Z, our staff in Austin, Texas has a proven track record. Therefore we strive at maintaining successful client relationships. Our VAs are US-based and they all have years of working experience to lend to your specific industry niche.



How to Take Control of Your Outsourced Bookkeeping Relationship

Now that you’re aware of some of the potential challenges which could affect your outsourcing decision, you’re in a much better place to forge a successful relationship. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out your remote assistant.




You should indicate which specific financial management and recording functions that need assistance.  You must do this before beginning your working relationship. At A2Z our outsourced bookkeeping services are preceded by a comprehensive onboarding process. Similarly, your VA in Austin, Texas will talk with you to establish a suitable turnaround time for daily updates. These updates include the type of recurring services required on a monthly basis (reporting, reconciliation, payroll, etc.). This is when you need to appraise your virtual bookkeeper about the current state of your books and the accounting processes you already have in place.


Austin Texas


Establish Processes

Outsourced bookkeeping services require access to certain data and accounts in order to ensure efficient service delivery. Make sure you have systems in place for uploading and delivering key documentation on a consistent basis. Also, all necessary credentials should be transmitted beforehand. Once the working relationship gets underway, you need to set up a dedicated channel for communications. More often than not, these communications take place by phone or online services like Skype and Slack.



Use Easy Upload Tools

Sending critical invoices, receipts and records by email or fax are quite risky. These processes are also quite time-consuming. At A2Z our team handles all bookkeeping tasks through their online cloud accounting portal. Not only this, but our software provides a simple upload tool allowing you quicker, easier and safer data sharing. Through the cloud, you can attach digitized versions of receipts, spreadsheets, and invoices and keep track of all update to your documents as well. The online database also serves as an indexed repository for all your financial paperwork, which will come in extremely handy when tax season comes around.



Stay Informed

Although outsourced bookkeeping services take a large portion of daily financial management responsibilities off your shoulders, you must still keep track of the ongoing reports concerning payroll, receivables, payables, and profits. These figures provide a key insight into the performance of your business, and they will also help you confirm that you are still compliant with local tax codes and regulations. If your bookkeeper identifies a clear trend of overdue payments or rising expenses then you may need to take steps to cut costs and overhaul your credit management in order to ensure continued profitability.


Mastering Accounting


Use Bookkeeping Strategically

Ultimately, outsourced bookkeeping services should give you more time to focus on expanding your business. Likewise, If you manage to grow your customer base and revenues accordingly, then you will eventually need to make additional investments. You need additional funding to meet your newly increased demand. The knowledge and expertise provided by your virtual assistant will be indispensable during this time. In short, by leaning on your bookkeeper for support, your company is able to be more profitable in the long run.


Getting Business Smart With Virtual Accounting Services

Getting Business Smart With Virtual Accounting Services

Start Making Accounting Less Intimidating

It’s 2018, and everything is online now. Today, more and more companies are using cloud-based services to minimize their infrastructure and operational costs. This trend is evident in accounting as well with a large number of organizations embracing virtual accounting services. These organizations include small and medium-sized businesses.

According to a Small Business Report, only 40% of small business owners feel they are extremely or very knowledgeable about accounting and finance. Accounting is, without doubt, a stressful job and no matter what type of company you run, you need to manage both your accounting and bookkeeping to run your business efficiently. This puts you can in a catch-22 situation, or does it?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all doom and gloom if you or your in-house resources are struggling to keep up with the constant pressure of bookkeeping. If you don’t have a trusted accountant in the city or can’t find staff knowledgeable in auditing and accounting, then virtual accounting can be the ideal solution for you.


Virtual Accounting Services


How Virtual Accounting Services Can Help

According to one research, cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services see higher growth rates than firms that are not in the Cloud. Know why? Because more and more companies today prefer online or cloud-based accounting to in-house accounting departments. Accounting Today 2018 “Year Ahead” Survey reveals that 45% of small companies, 57% of midsize companies and 58% of large companies select cloud accounting over desktop alternatives.

A team of accountants or virtual accountants, cloud-based accounting services provides the usual accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services remotely. Following are some ways virtual accounting services make accounting and bookkeeping less intimidating for businesses.




Since most service that deal with virtual accounting store data in the Cloud, you can access your account details and other financial information online. The best thing is that you can access the information easily as well as from any device and from any location.



Updated Services

You no longer need to worry about upgrading your systems. When your business grows, as will the virtual accounting services you need, your VA can handle your backend easily and efficiently. Likewise, as your business grows, you will have more employees, clients, and increased transactions, increasing the system capacity required to record everything.


Quickbooks Online Accountant


Less Paperwork and Increased Productivity

84 Percent of Small Businesses Rely on a Manual Process. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary paperwork. In fact, your office can be flooded with lots of paperwork if you don’t use the proper accounting software and/or applications for your accounting and bookkeeping. This is a major reason for the rising popularity of Quickbooks Online Accountant.

Maintaining physical books and keeping track of paperwork can be challenging and time-consuming. But, virtual accounting services allows you to maintain and update every detail of your records. A virtual assistant allows you to use just one software and then provides a dashboard for you to access. The outcome of this is less or no paperwork at your workplace and increased productivity due to the online resources.



Bookkeeping You Can Trust

Virtual accountants provide a single point-of-contact for all your questions, ideas and concerns. Additionally, they ensure collaboration between your financial controller, your bookkeeper and software specialists to help them manage your bookkeeping processes and procedures. While you won’t have to worry about hiring, training or overseeing bookkeepers, you will have control of your company’s bookkeeping.

Your data will always be accessible to authorized personnel through password-protected logins, that data will always be timely and accurate.



Accounting Software and Online Bookkeeping Specialist

When you use virtual accounting services, you can expect to access an accounting software and online bookkeeping specialist. An example of this is Quickbooks Online Accountant. Quickbooks online has 2.55 million subscribers online. This goes on to show how popular QuickBooks is as an accounting solution. Quickbooks is popular because it saves time invoicing, bookkeeping, and billing. However, if you want to get the most out of this online software, then you must use Quickbooks Online Accountant. A virtual accounting service can provide you a Quickbooks Online Accountant.


Austin Texas


Cost Savings

You can save yourself a significant amount every year by opting for virtual accountants. Not only do you need to pay in-house accountants a salary, you also have to bear their employee benefits, recruitment costs, payroll taxes, sick leave pay, and so on. On the other hand, when you opt for virtual accountants, you receive a package of varied accounting, budgeting, and bookkeeping services at affordable prices. Unlike physical accountants, you can avail of these virtual services throughout the year without paying an additional amount.


Five Ways To Use Tax Preparation Services To Your Advantage.

Five Ways To Use Tax Preparation Services To Your Advantage.

Tax Preparation Services Make Business Tax Planning Easy

Do you own a small business in the Austin, Texas? Are your looking for an accountant to handle your financial returns? Do you want to maximize your tax relief without having to spend too much time filing the paperwork? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place for all of your tax preparation services needs.

An important time of the year for businesses in Texas and across the United States, the tax year end is when you need to have your tax affairs in order. But, how you do you ensure that? You ensure that with business tax planning. However, recent changes to the tax system have made business tax planning somewhat complicated.

There is good news though—professional tax services can make it easy for you to prepare and file your business tax returns. Virtual accounting services that specialize in business tax can handle the tax affairs of any small business in Austin, Texas, which includes you.


Tax Preparation Services


How Tax Services Can Help

Depending on the type of business you’re operating and the number of employees you have, the tax requirements for your business will vary. To keep costs down, you may be tempted to manage your business taxes yourself but this can be risky.

By outsourcing tax planning to an accounting professional such as virtual accounting services, you can prepare well for the tax season, minimize your tax bill and save money in the long run.

Following are five ways you can use tax preparation services to your advantage.



1. Stay Organized

By allowing you to track the financial health of your company on a regular basis, tax preparation services can make tax services easier for you. With help from a tax preparation service, you can find unpaid taxes, identify areas where you can potentially save money and work out plans for tax payments with the IRS.

Tax preparation services allow you to keep track of your costs and plan for taxes in the best possible manner. Additionally, they offer you a personalized tax and audit service to ensure that you avoid tax problems and get all the deductions that you are eligible for including state tax refund.



2. Ensure Accountability

Tax preparation services in Austin, Texas follow every rule in the book for tax prep and filing whether they are preparing taxes for a business or an individual. So, you can rest assured that your taxes are in safe hands. A professional tax preparer can help you avoid an audit by IRS.

Additionally, you avoid being penalized by the agency as the preparer ensures that the correct earning and expenditures are reported on the return.

If there are mistakes in your tax return, the IRS will find this out sooner or later. Don’t let this happen to you.  Ensure that your taxes are filed appropriately while saving time and money by letting a professional such as a virtual accounting service prepare your taxes.

Tax preparation services that have the approval of the IRS to prepare taxes for businesses and individuals can make help you make informed decisions and prepare taxes in a way that ensures accountability and gets you tax deductions, which includes state tax refund.


State Tax Refund


3. Increase Deductions and Save Money

Tax preparation services are well-aware of the items your business can deduct for tax purposes. As they know all the items you can declare or deduct on your tax return, professional tax preparers can help you save money. To help you get the biggest savings possible, a tax preparer in Austin, Texas will ask you all the questions required to extract information that can be useful in getting deductions.

You will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t take advantage of the above deductions. For this reason, it is important that you take help from professionals and work closely with them to prepare taxes and get as many deductions as possible including state tax refund.



4. Deal with IRS Audits

Though everyone hopes for it, avoiding an audit by the IRS is not always possible. However, the good news is that you can easily manage or deal with an IRS audit if you have a tax services consultant by your side. One of the best ways to tackle delinquent fees, back taxes and audits by the IRS, hiring a professional tax preparer will ensure that you have the required documentation and representation when IRS audits your business.

To allow you to focus on managing your business, the tax preparers will take care of everything that is required to prepare your taxes or deal with an IRS audit in Austin, Texas.



5. Meet All the Details

Be very clear that there are no ‘inconsequential’ fields on your tax form. Never the mistake of leaving parts of the tax form blank. Often, people and businesses leave some spaces on the tax form blank because they don’t know what to fill there.

However, to ensure successful tax filing, you need to provide as much relevant detail in the tax form as possible. This is something a tax preparer service can help ensure.


Austin Texas


Using Tax Services Prep for State Tax Refund

Most people find tax preparation and filing hectic because if the documentation involved. By allowing you to effectively organize and manage this documentation, a tax preparation service can make tax preparation easy for you.

Not only that, they can also help you to get tax savings and deductions including state tax refund. The tax preparer will ask you all the questions and will perform all the activities that can help you get the lowest possible tax bill.


A2ZVA provides tax preparation services in Austin, Texas that can make business tax planning extremely easy for you. We can take care of everything that is required to prepare your taxes or deal with an IRS audit to make business tax preparation easy for you, allowing you to focus on managing your business.


Payroll Outsourcing Services: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Payroll Outsourcing Services: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

6 Incredible Reasons Why Payroll Outsourcing Services Are Beneficial

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to payroll. Just a couple of mistakes can also have disastrous effects on your workforce. Add to this the ever-present threat of tax penalties from late or faulty filings, and you have a real reason to make sure your payroll is functioning as nicely as possible. Payroll outsourcing services help companies at every scale to achieve this objective affordably and reliably.

However, some managers still balk at the idea of outsourcing such an essential business process. Some express concerns over issues involving data privacy and a perceived lack of control over payments. Yet, others might point to the added expense of drafting in a third-party payroll provider.  But with at least 39% of U.S. companies already outsourcing their remunerations and tax filings to payroll outsourcing services, these fears don’t seem to be borne out by reality. Here’s why organizations from all over the country are turning to payroll outsourcing.


Payroll Outsourcing Services


1. Cost-effective

Market research shows that not by handing over basic business services, you are throwing money away. Up to 20% actually, or at least according to one study. Time and attendance, check processing, workforce administration, and benefits are just a few of these basic tasks. Every payroll period requires the absolute attention of your team, as they sift through reams of data. You need to calculate and disburse accurate payroll taxes, garnishments, and even other employee-specific payments. Making matters worse, these tasks will only continue to become more complex as your workforce grows. From sick leaves, benefits and overtime payments made to full-time staff members, your cost continues to increase. Consider taking these things off of your plate. Let us focus on you. Only then can you focus and dedicate your staff towards real revenue-building activities.



2. Compliant

Every year, 40% of small businesses are fined a minimum of $850 due to overdue or inaccurately filed payroll taxes. Amidst daily changes to Federal and State-level tax codes, maintaining compliance is a tall order. Not to mention, there is also always the threat of possible future IRS audits. Certainly, this is a threat that any business owner would seek to avoid. Wouldn’t you want to avoid penalties that have a significant impact on your bottom line? Ultimately, though the duty for any these mistakes falls at your feet.  So, unless you have an expert tax accountant on-call you’re better off outsourcing. Leave the complex tasks for payroll outsourcing services such as A2ZVA.

Payroll providers like us equipped with state-of-the-art accounting software. This allows us to stay on top of all legal and regulatory changes with the utmost ease. As a result, you can ensure your company remains compliant, with accurate tax filings every year. Think of the below, and see how we can assist with your payroll outsourcing services can.

  • Employee withholdings
  • Federal Taxes on unemployment.
  • Quarterly and annual tax returns.
  • Social Security payments.
  • State payroll taxes.
  • Garnishments
  • Overtime and PTO.



3. Secure

There is a persistent risk of fraud or theft wherever financial data is involved. Furthermore, the majority of these incidents are carried out by junior to mid-level staff. But these issues can be largely minimized by a payroll processing service. First, we secure all data in a remote facility that is inaccessible to any on-site employees. Well, that is unless we provide the proper approval of course. Ensuring that your sensitive payroll information is restricted should always be of extreme importance. Secondly, needs to be secured and encrypted, thereby protecting from third-party monitoring or possible cyber attacks.

Also, data must be backed up on a consistent basis, so your payroll records can be kept intact. Therefore, you and ready for processing even when hardware failures occur. Implementing this sort of data security in-house would require a significant up-front investment in infrastructure. We include these services as part of our standard SLA.


Austin Texas


4. Professional

At the end of the day, an effective payroll function is about getting your employees the correct wages at the right time every month. When you fail to accomplish these basic tasks, you can give off a relaxed image that can be extremely upsetting for both you and your company for the best talent in your organization. Using payroll processing services ensures you pay your employees accurately and promptly.

These providers also offer a range of other services that can make life more convenient for your employees including direct deposits and electronic fund transfers, viewable online payroll records, and online check stubs.



5. Insightful

Alongside basic processing services, payroll providers also provide reports and analyses that can help you manage and control your business more effectively. These reports can cover key areas such as

  • Employee earnings are broken down by individuals, departments, and locations. Payroll reports will help you understand how much you’re paying in overtime and PTO every year so that you can track the productivity and overall efficiency of your workforce.
  • Annual payroll summaries. These reports indicate how much working capital is required to cover payroll expenses over a given period.
  • Adjustment reports. These reports display all payroll deductions and reimbursement due to each employee. Reporting can be broken down on an annual or per-period basis.
  • Payroll outsourcing services can keep you apprised of hiring timelines for recruits, so you don’t have to pay underachieving employees unemployment benefits in case of termination. Reporting tools can also help you track and verify unemployment claims based on existing payroll records.



6. Scalable

As your business grows and your payroll processing requirements become more complex, there will be ever-greater demands placed on your in-house staff. Inevitably you will need to hire more payroll specialists or invest in new time tracking and reporting software to keep up with the workload. Payroll outsourcing services can offer the same functionality regardless of the size or complexity of your organization.


Payroll Processing Texas



6 Key Advantages Offered By Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants

6 Key Advantages Offered By Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants

Does Your Business Really Need a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant?

Solid financial management is the cornerstone of any long-term business. Regardless of your industry, you need to ensure that your revenues and expenses are being recorded, detailed, and processed into accurate financial reports. The great advice goes a long way when it comes to filing taxes or even building sales goals. Having a sound business process in place is critical in today’s market. You will find it helps with everything from taxes to sales. When you start improving you’re the quality of your work, the quality of your product or service stands out. Also, if you don’t have the right skills to do these tasks on your own, then a virtual bookkeeping assistant can help.


Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants


1. Bookkeeping Assistants save You Time and Money

When running a business your workforce can make the difference between success and failure. Their output is your utmost concern. Across the country, businesses are working to streamline their production. However, some companies deal with very fine margins. It is sometimes very hard to see your limited resources go towards supporting a virtual bookkeeping assistant.

In 2015, the non-profit organization SCORE conducted a survey to see how much the average small business owner spends on their accounting. The results were beyond belief. They showed that most of these businesses are spending anywhere from $1000 to $5000 every year on just account management and related legal costs. These business owners also indicated that they spend up to 41 hours on tax prep every year. Can you afford to spend that much time on your books?

Virtual bookkeeping assistant takes over the burden of these complex tasks and leaves you free to focus on growing your business. Unlike in-house bookkeepers, remote assistants work on a needs basis so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly salary or benefits to a full-time staff member.



2. Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants Bring Proven Expertise

Small businesses face an uphill challenge attracting qualified applicants. With bigger companies offering better benefit packages, it can also be difficult to identify and recruit proven talent within your budget. Virtual bookkeeping assistants provide the perfect solution.  When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to a reputable service provider you don’t have to worry about conducting interviews or training a new employee.

At A2ZVA, our virtual bookkeeping assistants bring all the skills any small business could need, to the table.  Our assistants are locally-based and have a strong know-how of accounting regulations across a variety of industries. They also have an extensive background working with leading accounting software tools like Quickbooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting so they can integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows.



3. Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants are Flexible

Depending on your industry and the time year your bookkeeping needs will vary. For example, you will probably need more assistance from your bookkeeping assistant during tax season. Whether you need some urgent financial analyses performed before you commit to a capital investment or your workforce a virtual bookkeeper gives you the ability to scale their services up or down based on your specific needs.


Bookkeeping Assistant


4. Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant Offer a Range of Services

Bookkeeping assistants don’t just record financial transactions and help you with your tax prep; they can also offer you greater insights into various areas of your business. At A2ZVA our accounting and bookkeeping experts can provide expert support in the following areas:

  • AR – Our virtual bookkeeping assistants can help you organize and keep track of all payments owed by your customers, and prepare accurate invoices to ensure bills can be collected. They can also manage overdue debts and send payment reminders to these customers. Once payments have been collected we record incoming funds and we can even verify bank deposits against receipts to ensure your funds are ending up in the right place.


  • AP – We will record and track all funds owed to vendors and suppliers. All payment transactions are recorded and reconciled against your bank statements to ensure up to date cash flow records.


  • Payroll – An effective payroll system allows your employees to receive proper compensation, in a timely manner in light of all relevant tax issues. Our virtual bookkeeping assistants use payroll software to create accurate tax documents and payroll records; in addition, we can take care of all check processing and distribution.


  • Specialized Reports – Our virtual bookkeeping assistants can help you gain a better view of your revenues, expenses, customer preferences, employee productivity, turnover, and return on new investments. With this knowledge, you can make better strategic decisions moving forward.



5. Virtual Bookkeepers Help You Stay Tax Compliant

It’s no secret that IRS tax codes are becoming more complex. In 2010 alone, there were over 500 changes made to the national tax code. Recent statistics show that 40% of small businesses are fined around $850 every year for a failure to comply with tax laws. In light of these challenges, small business owners can find it extremely difficult to understand applicable tax rates, suitable deductions and even the types of taxes the entity is liable for over the year.

While bookkeepers don’t handle tax prep directly, they do make the process far more efficient. Our virtual bookkeeping assistants handle recording and processing for all financial documentation required to fulfill your tax duties. From cash flow and income statements to annual balance sheets, our remote assistants help ensure that you don’t have to hunt for receipts and invoices at the last moment. Ultimately, these support functions help you file your quarterly and annual taxes in a legally compliant and timely manner.



6. Bookkeeping Assistants Provide Data Security

Data security is a driving concern for businesses at every scale. The last thing you want is to lose sensitive financial information in a system crash or a hacking incident. Our virtual bookkeeping assistants employ an automated cloud backup system that keeps your records backed up at all times. Additionally, all financial information is secured through powerful encryption tools like LastPass and 1Password; these technologies ensure that your login information is only accessible to authorized employees.


Austin Texas



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