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Can Your Business Be Successful Without A Facebook Post Manager?

Can Your Business Be Successful Without A Facebook Post Manager?

Facebook Post Manager is The Need of the Hour

Today, a growing number of people are looking to delete their Facebook accounts after the recent fiasco involving Facebook and political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Those that decide to keep their Facebook accounts look at deleting old Facebook posts. The alternative is having someone do it for them. Once their content is wiped accordingly they can have a clean slate on the social network posting platforms. From that moment on, no one can harvest their Facebook data and use it for information warfare. Since the information they post can be used for a malicious purpose or against them, businesses need to be careful. Additionally, we need to ensure there isn’t any sensitive information resting on our Facebook page. Ultimately the responsibility of managing Facebook pages and posts need outsourcing to a Facebook post manager.

Clearly, creating a Facebook page for your business is essential. Making sure it’s adequately managed is, if not more, important. Once you commit to building a social media profile, it needs maintaining. Don’t leave it to the wolves, or unattended in simple words. Instead, treat it like a commitment similar to marriage or parenthood. Agreed this is a bit of an exaggeration but thinking in this direction will only serve you right. So, buckle up, hold tight, and let a Facebook post manager drive you home or to your desired destination.


Facebook Post Manager


Why Businesses in Austin, TX Need a Facebook Post Manager

Social network posting is essential, but it can eat up a lot of your valuable time if you’re not careful. However, with a Facebook post manager by your side, everything becomes less risky all of a sudden. By creating compelling content for posts and engaging with users on a daily basis, a Facebook post manager assures that you have a successful page in the long run.

Of course, without professional training, time spent ultimately results in you being unproductive. Also, even with the professional know-how for the job, you would be wasting a lot of your valuable time. By managing your social profile, instead of someone else, you lose time for activities that help grow your business.

Yes, running a social media campaign and regularly posting to it is one of the activities that can help your business grow. It is an activity though best left to a professional with all the time in the world. Still not convinced about hiring a Facebook post manager for your social network posting? Then you may go through the following benefits of employing such a professional.



More Time to Connect with Your Clients

A great way to connect with your clients every day is creating continuity programs for them, and one of the best platforms for this is Facebook. However, managing social media can be a daunting task to handle on your own whether you have 10 Facebook users on your page or a thousand of them. What’s the way out of this? Hiring virtual assistant services experienced in managing Facebook pages and posts. A virtual assistant will allow you to spend more time interacting with your clients and less time worrying about what’s happening behind the scene.



‘Scrub or Erase’ Items on Your Facebook Page

With a virtual assistant managing your Facebook page, it becomes easy to ‘scrub or erase’ items that you don’t want on your Facebook page for too long. If your Facebook page is run month to month with new members added, and you share your information on Facebook, and you don’t want to leave that up for a new set of people to see then you need to have someone managing your Facebook posts.

A virtual assistant can update posts for you. They can also remove questionable items that other posted during the month such as unwanted comments. Depending on the amount of activity on your page, this can take anywhere between an hour to a couple of hours. Surely, you don’t have that much time to spend on deleting unwanted posts. Therefore, save yourself the trouble by having a virtual assistant manage your Facebook posts.


Social Network Posting


Answers Questions on Your Facebook Page

Another reason to hire a virtual assistant as your Facebook post manager is question answering. Of course, you’d want to answer the questions about your business yourself. However, a social network posting virtual assistant can check in for issues that may need explaining. They are able to help clients get the information they cannot find anywhere.

In addition to the above, a virtual assistant managing your Facebook page can create and upload files for your clients to easily access. By having a person who is like your second brain answer questions on your Facebook page for you, you can breathe a big sigh of relief and focus on things that bring in the cash for your business.



Schedule Posts Specifically Targeting Your Facebook Audience

You can have your virtual assistant schedule posts that specifically target your Facebook audience. It could be a motivational quote, an inspirational thought, eye-catching images, or anything else that catches the attention of your Facebook users.

A2ZVA provides social network posting services including Facebook page management in Austin, Texas. We bring years of social media marketing experience to your project. Our social media management services include assessment of target audience to come up with the most effective strategy for your social media platforms. Additionally, we provide customized profiles, social media training, customer feedback, and landing page creation services.


Austin Texas



How to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Agency for Your Company

How to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Agency for Your Company

Social Media Marketing – Why is it so Important?

As of July 2018, there are approximately 7.6 billion people in the world. About half of them have access to the internet. This is about over a quarter of the world’s population. This equals about 2.5 billion people that are active on social platforms. Despite this, what’s more, is that the number of active users is increasing each day. From today on, social media marketing is a must. You must have a social community behind you in order for your brand to exceed sluggish expectations.

Moreover, these networking sites present businesses with an opportunity to increase their reach. Increasing reach promotes brand exposure. From this point moving forward, the more exposure your brand has the more revenue you have. However, achieving these things requires much more than simply having an online presence. Most importantly, in order to have success, you need a solid strategy. Having an effective strategy allows you to have a more active and customer based engagement.


Social Media Marketing


Finding the Best Digital Agency for Your Company in Austin, Texas

More often than not, businesses complain that engaging their target audience is a real struggle. Mainly because most businesses have the wrong idea of media management. Contrary to what you’ve been told, is not like managing an interaction with a single customer or audience. Rather instead you should focus on building relationships with your customers over a longer period of time.

Likewise, you can definitely ensure the effective management of these online platforms. How do you do that? Well, I will tell you. To sum up, following the steps below allow you to find something amazing. Amazing. How? What do you mean? Well, I say again. By following our suggestions allow you to find the best social media marketing agency in your area. Whether you are in Austin, Dallas or Chicago. No matter where what or who, you will find the best talent available to you.



Define Your Needs and Objectives

Clearly, the worst thing you can do when choosing a firm is making an impulse decision. Plan for the entire process. You must think critically. As a result of this, I would consider the following when shortlisting agencies for your review:

  • The time and energy you’re willing to dedicate to the partnership
  • The dollar amount you can realistically allocate to growing your brand
  • The marketing skills your in-house team possess and also the skills they lack

It goes without saying that by doing the above will minimize the chances of your search misfiring.



Look for An Agency That Understands Your Needs

Truthfully, the biggest giveaway that a marketing agency is as serious about helping your business grow or not is their level of effort and commitment to learning your social media marketing objectives or the ‘lack thereof’. To this end, most agencies only speak about their services and follow the same general process for every business. Therefore I would look for and shortlist agencies in Austin, Texas that show a genuine interest. You need people to be interested in learning your business objectives. This then creates a strategy tailored to your company.


SEO Expert Services


Review the Portfolio of the Agency

The best way to find an agency that you can trust is reviewing the portfolio of the agencies that you have shortlisted. From there, review the portfolio of work completed by the agency to get a snapshot of their quality and range of work. If the website of agency does not have the examples you want, ask them to point you towards social accounts of some of their clients. This will allow you to measure their experience against your needs.  Also, you must consider that every business is unique. The work an agency performs demonstrates their adaptability to the needs of their clients.



Prioritize Transparency

A good agency will keep you updated every step of the way. Moreover, they will give value to your feedback. Likewise, you also should accept the value of theirs. This helps both you and the firm you are hiring to have the best social media marketing campaign. Furthermore, the agency you choose must keep you updated on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their efforts. Following are the details they should provide you on a monthly basis:

  • Reach
  • Traffic to your website
  • User engagement
  • Growth
  • Lead generation

In addition to the above, hire a social media marketing agency in Austin, Texas that has a clearly defined plan that will hit all your metrics.



Get to Know the Shortlisted Agencies

Finally, once you gone through the above steps, you would be in a position to shortlist two or three agencies that are best suited to your needs. To choose among them, find out the following about the shortlisted agencies:

  • Their team
  • The capabilities that they possess
  • How the social media marketing is structured
  • Success Rate
  • Deliverables
  • Pricing


Austin Texas


Ask the Important Questions and Enter into an Agreement

Once you have finally examined and shortlisted the agencies using the above criteria, you will be to find a firm best suited to your business. You can close the process by asking the following questions and then entering into an agreement:

  • Start Time
  • Budget Allocation
  • ROI Expected
  • Deliverables
  • Final Contract Details

Only upon having these questions answered then you can enter into an agreement with and close the hiring process.

A2ZVA brings years of dedication and experience to your project. Our services include assessment of your target audience to come up with the most effective strategy for your business. Additionally, we provide customized profiles, training, customer feedback, and landing page creation services.


Steps to Create a Winning Social Network Marketing Strategy

Steps to Create a Winning Social Network Marketing Strategy

Social Network Marketing is the Gateway to Your Target Audience

Today, there are a plethora of online digital platforms where you can market your business—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name just a few. By engaging with your target audience over the internet using these platforms, you’re doing social network marketing (SNM). SNM is a form of online marketing that utilizes social networking sites as a marketing tool.

Naturally, the goal of network marketing on these online platforms is producing content that users will share with their social network, which will ultimately help a company to increase its brand exposure and widen its reach. At least this is what the theory says but how much truth is there in the above statement?

For example, according to Statista, approximately 70% of the people in the U.S has at least one social profile. Next, there are about 2.5 billion active worldwide social media users. Moreover, with so many people using online products every day, social networking presents businesses, especially small businesses, with real opportunities to reach their target audience and expand.

However, ensuring a presence on social media isn’t enough to achieve the above objective. You also need to have a winning social network marketing strategy in place as well. Additionally, you need to be active on the platform(s) that your target audience often uses. The good news is that we are going to reveal that the steps that businesses in Austin, Texas can use to create a winning social strategy.


Social Network Marketing


5 Steps to Create a Winning Social Network Marketing Strategy

What would you give for a marketing channel that required you to spend only a few hours each week to increase your business’ recognition, traffic, and sales with little to no cost? Perhaps the world! But no need for that because digital marketing does not work that way. Instead, it gives you the above benefits without requiring you to sacrifice much. No wonder about 90% of marketers today use social media to increase exposure for their company, among other uses.

Whether you agree or not, social networks are a crucial part of every marketing strategy today. Why is that? the benefits of using social media are so great that anyone not using this cost-effective marketing channel will miss out on a phenomenal opportunity to market their business. However, don’t use digital marketing blindly. Instead, craft a marketing strategy to engage with your target audience on the social platforms that help you to increase brand exposure and win new customers. Following are 5 steps to create such as strategy.



1. Audit Your Social Presence

First, before creating a digital online strategy for the future, determine where you currently stand. Next, Follow the below areas to consider when auditing the social media presence of your business:

  • Which social networks are you currently on?
  • Are those networks optimized?
  • Which networks are currently bringing you the most value?
  • How do your social profiles compare to those of your competitors’?

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you will be in a better position to craft a winning marketing strategy.



2. Set Goals that Align to Business Objectives

Secondly, to create a winning social media strategy, you must start by establishing your objectives and goals for it. If you don’t do that, you will have no way to measure the success of your investment(s) in social network marketing. Make sure that each goal you set for your social media platforms fulfills the criteria of S.M.A.R.T goals which is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals. The SMART framework is the best way to ensure your goals lead to real business results and not just lofty ideals.


SMM Company


3. Identify Your Ideal Customers

Thirdly, be specific. No matter how qualified you are as a marketer, your social marketing campaign will fail if you market the wrong audience. Not having an accurate ideal customer profile or buyer persona is the number one reason businesses suffer from low engagement on their social networks.

With the right buyer persona, you will be able to target the right people, in the right places, at the right times and with the right messages. The more specific your buyer persona is, the more conversions you will get out of every social network you use to promote your business. You can come up with a highly focused buyer persona by finding out the following about your target audience in Austin, Texas:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Income
  • Pain points
  • Most used social network



4. Choose Channels and Tactics

Fourthly, a mistake that many businesses make is creating a page on every popular social network. You should not do this without researching which network brings in the most return on your investment. Avoid wasting your time in the ‘wrong’ social network. Instead, use the information from your buyer personas to determine which social media platform is best for your business.

Once you’ve picked the social platforms you want to market on, choose the tactics to use on them. Your tactics for each social network should be based on your social network marketing goals and objectives, as well as the best practices of each platform. Some examples of these tactics are driving traffic to a landing page, increasing likes on Facebook, and promoting content on your website on Facebook or Twitter.



5. Carefully Allocate Your Budget

Based on priorities, determine where you want to spend your money and what SMM tactics you want to actually implement. So, prioritize tactics for your online marketing strategy, and then implement the tactics in order of priority.

A2ZVA provides digital media management services in Austin, Texas that can bring years of social media marketing experience to your project. With our social networking marketing, you have a great chance of increasing your business’ exposure and widening its reach.


Austin Texas



Social Media Strategy: Why Its Necessary To Have a Social Presence.

Social Media Strategy: Why Its Necessary To Have a Social Presence.

An Effective Social Media Strategy Could Change your Business

The top three social media platforms in the world (Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram) attract an average of 3 billion people every month. You may not be able to reach every single one of those users. Instead, if you can convert just a fraction of that audience, then you’re well on your way to success. That is the power of social media itself. By networking, you provide your business the ability to attract, engage and build relationships. Plus, it’s free. No wonder 92% of marketers claim that having a great social media strategy is an essential part of their business.

However, over the past decade, social media marketing has evolved considerably. Today, companies spend upwards of $200 billion on advertising through these channels. Incredibly, that’s more than the total amount of television spending in 2017 alone. Meanwhile, websites like Facebook have updated their algorithms to promote user content over promotional a post, which makes it far harder to connect with your target audience.  With more robust competition and greater restrictions, small businesses need a well-managed social media strategy in place to make their online presence count.


Social Media Strategy, Austin Texas


How to Build a Strong Social Media Strategy

Our VA’s in Austin, Texas have years of experience helping clients plan and execute their social media strategy. Your approach will differ depending on your industry and target audience. However, there are some essential steps that every business needs to take to build an engaging online brand.



Assign Objectives

A winning social media strategy has to align with clear business goals. Without targets in place, you will be unable to assess your ROI, or address any issues between current and desired performance levels. If you’re looking to increase the clarity of your brand and grow your reputation in the market, then profile awareness would be a great metric to use. You can measure how visible you are by watching users gained over a given period. Or also the number of hashtag mentions your brand garners on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to integrate your social media into existing network marketing strategies then conversions might be a far more telling metric. Implement tracking links to your social media posts that link directly to your website landing page. Yuu can measure clicks through even the simplest tools. From here, you can assess how many of these visits led to purchases and optimized your social media strategy accordingly.

A less technical way of evaluating the success of social media in your network marketing strategies is through sales growth. If you see a marked rise in revenues over a given period, then your social media strategy is working. Then, I would have to say, it’s safe to say that you’re moving in the right direction.



Build a Buyer Persona

Before you can start marketing, you need to have a firm idea of who your core audience is. After all, even giant companies tend to focus their marketing on certain market segments to get the most out of their budgets. Detailed buyer personas will help you focus your social media strategy in the right direction.

A buyer persona is basically a composite sketch built from existing and prospective customers that are likely to follow your business and purchase your products. Accurate buyer personas constructed from real data give a lot more detail than intuition by itself. A great way to find the data you need is through social media monitoring tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. These analytics tools offer a range of data about the people visiting your social media pages including their gender, age, location, primary language, and even their interests and occupations. With these insights in hand, you can start to tailor your social media strategy to reach your most engaged followers.

For those of you who are running network marketing strategies, this ability will be sure to jumpstart your conversions as you will be able to narrow down the lead generation and sales efforts towards the hottest prospects.


Network Marketing Strategies, Austin Texas



Now that you know what you want to achieve and who you’re marketing to it’s time to start posting. Clearly, the key to content marketing is consistency. A regularly updated social media profile keeps followers coming back. Yet, a haphazard posting strategy is more likely to result in variable engagement. A social media calendar is an excellent tool for maintaining consistency. Tailoring your schedule also allows you to plan out posts based on product roll-outs. Scheduling is also able to add in significant seasonal events like Christmas and Black Friday. Therefore, I would say this newfound ability enables you to monopolize visitor attention.  Our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas can help you craft a content plan that meets the needs of your social media strategy.



Exciting, Relevant Content

Your social media page is not an online storefront, that’s what your business website is meant to do. Instead, your profile serves as a frontline marketing tool that can be used to tell your brand’s story engagingly. You can also use social media to position your business as an innovator in the industry. Content is the key to both of these goals. Both today and tomorrow.



Developing Content for Network Marketing Strategies

  • Start with the business itself. Your social media page is a great way to communicate what makes your product different from other companies.
  • The next step is to create relevancy. Focus on providing engaging content and also events and activities that intersect with your offerings. For example, network marketing strategies built around a health and fitness product can offer diet and exercise tips and tutorials that align with your overall marketing.
  • Put a face to your content! Introduce yourself to Facebook Live or YouTube and create video content that speaks to your followers. Offer selling tips, tutorials and daily updates that can motivate and engage visitors.


Facebook Content Development


Remote Social Media Management in Austin, Texas

We understand that you might not have the time or budget to dedicate to a full-time social media strategy. Our virtual assistants are here to help. We can help you set up a comprehensive brand presence across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Our virtual assistants will craft a tailored content plan, post regular updates and tackle customer concerns promptly and professionally.


Understanding What Is Social Media and Why You Need It

Understanding What Is Social Media and Why You Need It

A World of Digital Data at Your Fingertips

We live in an era of instant accessibility. Smartphones, wireless internet, and personalized digital apps are everywhere. Increasingly, modern consumers have all the tools to connect instantly with relevant information. Not only that but from any location, at any time. Our advances in tech have completely upended the traditional buyer’s journey. Executives used to ask questions like what is social media? Do we need a company website? Now, in 2018, we are prepared to spend more than ever before digital marketing.


What Is Social Media


SMM Marketing Has Been a Game Changer

There’s one thing you can be sure of, the vast amount of people don’t need to ask what is social media. Today, we are well aware of all of the social platforms out there.

Recent statistics show that an estimated 81% of the US population retains at least one business networking profile. By 2021, the number of active online users across the globe is expected to reach 3 billion. These statistics show just how integral the online movement has become the way people interact and communicate.

Acess to the worldwide internet gives companies the tools to send and receive all business-related information. We are now able to converse with many like-minded people across the globe. Isn’t it amazing at how fast things change?

So, this explains how establishing an online presence helped increase traffic. However, what is social media going to do to help businesses besides that?



What Is Social Media Going To Do For My Business?


Targeted Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, and other networking sites draw millions of active users every day. Their massive user bases help in segmenting the vast ecosystem of much smaller communities. One business might connect through personal and professional relationships. Or, others bring members closer to share specific niche interests and hobbies.

Most social networks leverage the wealth of user data. By providing highly sensitive advertising tools they allow you to narrow down the audience for your marketing. You can then focus your campaign in critical areas like location, education level, employment history, and interests.

Conversely, TV and print audiences only identify broad statistics. Unfortunately, their estimates provide very little in regards to demographics, or even the type of content you prefer. This lack of knowledge generally leads businesses to adopt a loose marketing approach. I would call this cheap marketing, where the design is just to reach as many eyes and ears as possible. Rather than focusing on the consumers that are most likely to purchase the business’s goods or services.




You can create a business page on any of the leading networking platforms for free in a matter of seconds any time you choose. From there, you can start to grow your online presence with complete freedom. You can want what to post when to post, and the type of content you put out. You can also customize every aspect of your page to reflect your branding. Dedicating just six hours a week to your digital marketing profiles can help you grow your online traffic by up to 84%, and that’s without factoring in any paid promotions.

Even here, digital marketing provides a definite advantage. Advertising on networking sites is generally far cheaper than through print or television, and you always have the option to start off small and scale up your campaigns based on the types of returns you see.


SMM Marketing


More Effective SEO

Ultimately, the aim of any digital strategy is to raise brand awareness and bring more attention to your products. Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most important tool for achieving this objective. Therefore your website’s SEO will determine its page ranking on places like Google. Statistics show that 75% of the traffic from Google searches is directed towards links on the first page. Furthermore, If your website fails to make the first page for any industry-relevant keywords then you’ll only capture a fraction of the traffic garnered by more digitally savvy competitors.

What is social media going to do to improve your search ranking? Digital posts allow plenty of ways to direct fresh traffic back to your website through promotional offers and links to long-form blog posts. Backlinks from relevant SMM marketing accounts are one of the most important contributors to SEO, as they act as an independent verification of the credibility and authority of your website. Search engine crawlers also pay attention to the social signals surrounding your website. If links to keyword-heavy blog posts and product descriptions are drawing a lot of shares, likes, and comments then this increased activity will work to boost your rankings.



Customer Engagement

According to Forrester Research, customer relationships are the only true competitive advantages left for businesses in the digital era. That means, your business needs to take every possible opportunity to engage and interact with your customers. Your SMM marketing account represents an easily accessible channel through which your customers can ask questions, register complaints, and find out more about you’re the goods that you offer. By replying to this feedback as soon as possible, you can highlight positive testimonials and get ahead of any possible negative publicity surrounding your brand. Customers will also appreciate the added accessibility and commitment to customer service.

While that might work to retain existing customers SMM marketing provides a variety of opportunities to talk about your business in an appealing manner; through informative blog posts, video content, and live streams you can craft a multi-faceted content strategy that can differentiate you from other industry competitors.  This increased recognition can help you generate more prospects and boost your revenues in the process.



Find Your Audience with the Right Networking Sites

If you’re marketing your company to other businesses, you might ask could network marketing going to do for a B2B firm? Thankfully, the current landscape is so diverse that there are purpose-built networks available for reaching every type of audience.

  • With 2 billion active users and counting Facebook is by far the biggest social network on the planet. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one-person start-up you need to have a presence on Facebook if you want to reach a wider audience.
  • Although Twitter might have only a fraction of the active users, these networking sites offer unique opportunities for engagement and communication. The well-integrated hashtag feature lets customers get in touch with specific brands very easily, and the short form messaging system allows you to engage with these customers as well as wider topics in a much more immediate manner.
  • Instagram is a great platform for selling your brand image. As a primarily visual medium, the social network offers plenty of opportunities for posting glossy pictures of your products and facilities.
  • B2B marketers should focus the bulk of their smm marketing efforts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a great space for professionals from a variety of industries to connect and exchange ideas. It’s a great place to grow your reputation as an influential brand.
  • With six billion daily views, Snapchat that can’t be ignored. If you’re looking to reach a younger core audience then you might look to post more content on this networking site.


Austin Texas


Our Virtual Assistants Can Jumpstart Your Online Presence

At A2ZVA, our virtual assistants bring a wealth of online media management and experience to businesses in every industry. We also create comprehensive campaigning plans that cover optimal posting schedules across each of your accounts. We can even link these posts back to custom-built landing pages that can effectively funnel new visitors towards your services.  With one of our virtual assistants leading your digital strategy, you’ll never be forced to ask what is social media possibly going to do to grow my online business because our results will speak for themselves.


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