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Forget The Online Schedule Maker, Hire A2ZVA Instead13 Minute Read

by | Jun 11, 2018

Why are so Many Professionals Using Online Schedule Makers?

For many business owners, the idea of living life by a routine seems counterproductive to the whole ethos of entrepreneurship. After all, you probably wanted to escape the corporate world because you desired more freedom in your work and personal life. But the truth is that an improvised daily calendar generally leads to longer hours with far less impressive results. A study from FranklinCovey showed that most people spend up to 40% of their day engaged in non-productive activities that add absolutely no value to their companies. It’s not surprising; with emails, phone calls, and a range of administrative tasks to deal with, it’s extremely difficult to find time to actually grow your businesses. Online schedule maker tools help these individuals to manage their time in a far more effective manner.


Online Schedule Maker


How an Online Schedule Maker Can Help


  • A web scheduler will allow you to identify and prioritize your most critical jobs so that you can ensure that they are completed to your utmost satisfaction. Research shows that decision-making deteriorates the more it’s called upon. By leaving repetitive, low-value activities to the end of the workday you don’t lose any of your mental sharpness when it matters.


  • An online schedule maker can help you achieve better business outcomes. Pareto’s Law states that 80% of outputs result from just 20% of inputs. If you’re able to pack more value into 20% of your work, you’ll be contributing far more to your bottom line.


  • With a web scheduler, you can block out specific periods of your day, for certain functions and avoid the menace of multi-tasking. While it might seem like you’re getting a lot done when you decide to field a client call as you complete your bi-weekly payroll, switching your focus between different tasks will actually significantly impact your standard of work.


  • An online schedule maker acts a solid basis for communicating with employees. By laying out your projects in a clearly defined manner you can quickly clear up any confusion amongst your employees by referring them to your written plan. As you make progress with certain projects you can use your web scheduler to track the steps taken so far, and the work that remains before you can deliver on the required outcomes.



A Virtual Assistant Can do More than a Simple Web Scheduler

At A2ZVA in Austin, Texas our experienced virtual assistants can take the benefits of online schedule maker tools one step further. While these apps can certainly help you automate and streamline your calendar, they are only designed to supplement your existing time management strategies. With one of our expert VAs on your side, you have to capability to control almost every aspect of your working life with ease. Here’s how we can help.



1. No Double-Bookings

Even with an online schedule maker in hand, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of your appointments across a packed work schedule. In worst case scenarios this might lead you to book meetings with two high-value clients at the same time, on the same day. By rescheduling either of these appointments you might end up losing out on a great sales opportunity. At best, your lack of foresight will reflect poorly on your professionalism and overall commitment to customer service.

Our remote assistants in Austin, Texas will help you organize your appointments so that these sorts of conflicts never arise. Once you’ve handled the particulars of an initial sales call, you can simply hand the client over to one of our representatives. Not only can we set up a convenient booking that suits your calendar, we can also rearrange your appointments to accommodate more high-priority clients and take care of informing lower-value leads about the change in plans.


Web Scheduler


2. Curating Client Communications

Every entrepreneur spends a good chunk of their time dealing with a vast backlog of follow-up calls and emails. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these communications lead to any sort of defined benefits for your business. At the same time, you cannot afford to ignore any of these messages because even one unanswered call could represent a potential sale that leads to massive revenues down the line.  Responsiveness is also one of the key metrics which define the quality of a business’s customer service. So how are you supposed to strike a balance between your time constraints and the expectation for prompt replies?

Our administrative support staff in Austin, Texas serves a key function in filtering out inbound communications based on their relevance and priority. We can weed out telemarketers, spammers, scammers, low-value repeat callers and disgruntled customers to create a list of qualified prospects that represent true value for your business. While an online schedule maker might help you decide on the amount of time you want to dedicate to these activities, we can help you turn even routine emails and calls into a real earning opportunity.



3. Delegation

An online schedule maker allows you to rearrange your workload according to the most high-priority tasks. But what if you could fill up every workday with only high-priority tasks? Imagine, how much more you would be able to accomplish over a month. Our virtual assistants can take over a range of time-consuming support functions that would otherwise eat into your productivity. From bookkeeping and social media management to basic web design and researching, we take many of the responsibilities of entrepreneurship off your shoulders.



4. A Second Opinion

When you’re putting out fires every day it can be difficult to have a sense of perspective about your business and where it’s headed. An executive remote assistant will give you some much-needed objectivity when it comes to planning your calendar in light of your overarching business objectives. With a VA on your side, you can bounce your strategies off of an experienced, well-rounded individual who is intimately familiar with your business already. By taking their insights on board, you can use your web scheduler far more effectively to achieve the kind of business outcomes you’ve always desired.


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