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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Appointment Booking

Add Hours to your Day with Professional Appointment Booking

HR statistics show that only 20% of the average workday consists of critical, value-adding activities. Amazingly, the other 80% of the time had little to no value to the businesses goals. Studies like these prove just how vital proper time management is. Also, with time on your side, your career and personal life become easier to manage. However, If you are unable to channel your productivity and focus on your clients, you could ultimately find yourself at a loss. To that effect, our expert appointment booking service in Austin, Texas help you manage and organize your daily responsibilities. Losing becomes a thing of the past.


Appointment Booking

How Outsourced Appointment Booking Can Help Your Business


Qualifying Prospects

It takes an estimated 6.25 hours for the average salesperson to schedule just one appointment with a prospective client. That amounts to about eight phone calls per hour.  Also, are you prepared to spend that much time on appointment booking for a single individual when only 6% of opportunities ever actually translate into deals?  However, when outsourcing your appointment booking to a virtual assistant, you ensure that these time-consuming functions filter through one source. Our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas can reach out to every prospect and ensure that only the hottest leads are passed onto you.



Following Up

The majority of successful sales require at least 5 follow-up calls, yet most salespeople stop calling back after just one! It’s not surprising, you only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to client communications, and even texting can take you away from more surefire prospects. Nevertheless, you could be losing out on a significant amount of business by not booking appointments with more cautious leads. By assigning your appointment booking to an outsourced specialist, you can ensure that each initial sales call is chased via email, phone and text until you receive either an appointment confirmation or a firm rejection.



More Efficient Appointment Booking

Let’s face it; appointment booking sometimes feels like the worst chose ever. Am I right? In most cases, you have to contend with long hold times and inconvenient operating hours. Also, the laborious process of finding open time slots that work for all parties.  A GetApp research survey revealed that at least 36% of respondents were looking for ways to schedule appointments more effectively. Additionally, a further 31% of people would be willing to switch services if that company offered more efficient appointment booking.

A dedicated employee can always take over this function, and use tools like Google Schedule Maker to coordinate time slots and create a far more accessible appointment booking process for these clients. This too will help you gain a clear advantage over the competition.


Google Schedule Maker

Easier Rescheduling and Cancellations

Ineffective appointment booking doesn’t just affect the customer experience; it also has real impacts on your bottom line. Industry statistics show that just one missed medical appointment can cost a clinic up around $125. Additionally, that figure translates to an additional operational cost of $32,500 across a single month. That’s without adding in a no-show rate of just 13%.  A professional appointment booking service can take over all re-scheduling and cancellations for your clients. This way you don’t have to sit through hours of non-productivity due to inconsistent appointment booking.

By initiating additional reminders through text, phone, and email virtual assistants can also help to ensure that patients don’t miss out on an urgent medical appointment by accident. Data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that SMS reminders succeed in catching patients’ attention up 99% of the time, while phone reminders can have a contact rate of between 30 to 60%



A Well-Ordered Calendar with Google Schedule Maker

As a business owner your time is split between a seemingly endless series of urgent tasks; from hiring and training employees to plan, budgeting, bookkeeping, and of course meeting with existing and prospective clients. But, with such a jam-packed schedule it can be extremely difficult to take a step back and think about what you’re actually accomplishing over a month or even a year. As a result, you can often find yourself bouncing between one duty to the next with little clear idea of how much value you’re adding to the business.

Also, an appointment booking virtual assistant can help you add direction and purpose to your working life. These individuals will work with you to design and properly organize your daily calendar using software like Google Schedule Maker. With this schedule to refer to, you can make sure that you attend mandatory meetings, reach out to important clients, and plan ahead for overseas trips with plenty of time to spare. Best of all, you’ll know how each of these activities is affecting your business in broader terms.



No More Double Booking

Business-owners with multiple irons on the fire will often find themselves accidentally double-booking clients. It’s not exactly surprising; with so many other duties to get to over the course of the day it can be difficult to mark out time for new meetings, especially when you’re in a rush. Unfortunately, many clients may not be as forgiving of your oversight. In an ultra-competitive operating environment, one bad experience can cause a hot prospect to slip from your fingers in a flash, and multiple incidents can even cause permanent harm to your business’s reputation.

For example, healthcare providers often practice double-booking as a normal part of their operations. They will set up two patients with a medical appointment at the same time, in the belief that one appointment may run short or that another patient is likely to no-show. While this strategy may pay dividends in limited cases where the appointment setter knows the patient very well, in worst-case scenarios you will end up compromising one patient’s health care while forcing another patient to wait far longer than expected.

An experienced appointment setter can employ Google Schedule Maker and other time optimization tools to reorganize your appointment booking for maximum efficiency. So that you don’t have to rely on double booking for extra profits anymore.


Austin Texas

Appointment Booking Services in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re running a medical practice or a B2B business, you need a better way of handling your customers. At A2ZA our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas have years of experience in appointment booking for firms in every industry. With the help of cutting-edge scheduling tools like Google Schedule Maker, they can ensure that each client meeting is set up according to your daily working requirements.




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