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7 Qualities That Make a Great Professional Administrative Assistant

A Professional Administrative Assistant Can Make Life Easy

You will find many things familiar when you compare successful business owners. One of these is that most rely heavily on a professional administrative assistant. In fact, most business owners are typically only as good as their administrative assistant. Clearly, If this doesn’t make you realize the importance of having a virtual assistant, then I don’t know what will.

Seemingly, VA’s are the wizard behind the company curtain. For example, the shrewd administrative assistant is the one who keeps the office running efficiently. They are also the ‘eyes and ears’ of a company. Administrative professional assistants handle day-to-day administration and possibly for one or more executives. Most constantly look out for new innovations and to benefit the company’s bottom line.

Not only are professional assistants highly valuable to the smooth running of a business, but they also add value to the job in ways that make them critical to an organization’s success. So, what makes a VA so important? Below, we reveal all the qualities that make a great administrative assistant.


Professional Administrative Assistant

7 Qualities of a Great Assistant in Austin, TX

The requirement for professional administrative assistants is handling many details and challenging situations once. They act like a critical bridge between the bosses and the workforce. More often than not a professional administrative assistant is the also one that helps keep you employed. Incredibly, the support provided by VA’s requires some serious skills. Most importantly, these highly valued skills are like gold to business owners, executives, and other people at the helm.

With weak economic conditions forcing many businesses to lay off their staff, the responsibilities of administrative assistants have increased tenfold. You need to make sure there is no lapse in their performance. A lot of businesses today look to hire professional or specialist administrative virtual assistants in Austin, Texas. The following are seven essential qualities that make a great professional administrative assistant.



1. Strong Organizational Abilities

Firstly, perhaps the highest quality of professional administrative assistants is their ability to quickly and efficiently organize tasks. It’s the cornerstone of their profession. Organizational skills of administrative assistants include staying on top of diaries and calendars. They help in keeping your work papers filed neatly. This way they are always able to stay ahead of whatever’s next like a fast-moving train.

By keeping everything organized, administrative virtual assistants can multitask and keep track of everything that needs to be done. By ensuring nothing slips through the cracks you will have fewer problems down the road. With aide by your side, you can be sure that your files stay managed efficiently. Not to mention your incoming calls are tracked, and your outgoing correspondence sent.



2. Time Management Skills

Secondly, time management skills are probably second in line to organizational abilities when it comes to the essential qualities that make a great administrative assistant. There may not be enough time in a day for all the tasks that need to be taken care on that particular day, but part of an administrative assistant’s job is to make that happen. Experienced or capable administrative assistants can prioritize work, and they know when it’s time to move from one task to the next. Put just, time management skills are required for every company to operate smoothly, and professional administrative assistants have these skills in abundance.


Office Administration Skills

3. Ability to Adapt and Solve Problems

Thirdly, a skill that all administrative assistants must have is the ability to adapt to any situation on the go. Its like no matter what comes up, your assistant must be able to think quickly. Whats, even more, is that efficiency goes a long way. In addition to being adaptable, an Austin, Texas VA must be able to handle stressful situations. Naturally, their ability to solve minor problems without taking advice from the bosses is paramount to your success. Surprisingly enough, they can even help get you through significant issues and tasks too.



4. Communication Skills

Next, communication, organization, time management are often the most desired skills sought in an assistant.  From emails to company-wide memos, administrative PA’s need to write many documents. A professional administrative assistant can do this openly and succinctly. Additionally, they have proper phone etiquette.

Your PA will answer and screen phone calls, welcome guests, and assist clients with their questions or concerns. Ultimately, This allows business owners and top executives to run their business without any disturbances.



5. Ability to Keep a Secret

Fifthly, the ability to keep a secret is a quality that all good administrative assistants have. For nearly any business, maintaining the confidentiality of their sensitive information is one of the most important things. Often, administrative assistants are asked to handle confidential information, and it is crucial that the assistants keep this information a secret. To be specific, it is both the duty and ethical responsibility of professional administrative assistants to follow all company information confidential and not break the trust that the business owners or top executives have shown in them.


Austin Texas

6. Planning Skills

An essential and necessary quality of any assistant is their ability to plan. Planning skills such as creating administrative and office procedures. Also, other things such as a method for employees to call in sick. To this end, no matter what task or system they’re planning, your assistant must show attention to detail. Moreover, they must be able to divide their work and anticipate the resources needed to complete projects on time.



7. IT Literacy

IT is an essential quality of a professional administrative assistant. Besides just IT, administrative VA’s need to be proficient in Microsoft Office. Not to mention any other software that is also needed to work on to complete their job responsibilities.

A2ZVA provides administrative support in Austin, Texas. We will take care of your business correspondences, phone support, customer relationship management, researching and reports, database management, and more. You name it, and we will probably do it!




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