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How To Turn Your Startup Business Ideas Into A Reality

How To Turn Your Startup Business Ideas Into A Reality

Entrepreneurship isn’t Easy

According to Gallup polls, at least a quarter of Americans are interested in starting their own business. However, a staggering 84% of these individuals admit that they can’t take the risk of leaving behind a steady income. Moreover, an estimated 50% of new ventures don’t make it to the fifth year; you can’t blame them for their apprehension. Nevertheless, many individuals are willing to take the plunge, around 550,000 a year to be precise. Similarly, this often separates successful entrepreneurs from the dreamers. Simply put, they understand that implementing their startup business ideas requires a lot of hard work.

Lack of financing, skill, shortages, and poor planning cause some challenges for companies. They can sink even the most innovative startup business ideas at inception. At A2ZVA our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas offer a wide range of startup services that support the requirements of new organizations in any industry.  We provide in-depth reports, assisting in securing critical licenses and even setting up bookkeeping systems from scratch. We have the expertise and experience to make your transition to entrepreneurship as smooth as possible. Here’s how we help businesses succeed.


Startup Business Ideas


Researching Startup Business Ideas

Firstly, while you might believe that you’re on to a sure thing with your startup business ideas, the market may beg to differ. Surprisingly, an estimated 47% of startups fail at lacking consumer interest. Ultimately, before quitting your day job you need to ensure that your new product or service is serving a real need. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Is your business based on a new technology or platform that is yet to be fully leveraged?
  • Are you offering a solution for a pressing problem that is yet to be addressed?
  • Have you developed an innovative method for performing an existing business process (more cost-efficient, quicker, more flexible)
  • Are there similar products and services already on the market? If so would consumers be willing to switch to your brand?
  • What makes your approach better than everyone else’s?
  • What are the key opportunities and risks in your chosen industry?

At A2ZVA we provide the answers to these questions. Your VA will analyze statistics, secondary research, competitive analyses and other sources. We work at developing a comprehensive perspective of your target audience, market, and future challenges. Based on our insights you can determine your startup business ideas. This puts you in the best position for entrepreneurial success.



Develop a Business Plan

Secondly, now that you have your startup business ideas in place, it’s time to start building a workable strategy that will bring your vision to fruition. More Importantly, before you can get down to making profits there are some issues that need to be understood and mapped out in advance.

  • What sort of legal structure will your business take? Are you going to work with a partner, and will your venture be a sole proprietorship or are you going to form a private company with additional investors on board? Each of these organizations will offer their own advantages; also we can help you identify which option will be most applicable to your specific operating circumstances and location.


  • How many employees will you require and what sort of competencies do they need to cover? Talent shortages are one the main factors that hinder startup growth, so you need to ensure that your recruitment makes the most of limited resources and plugs critical deficiencies in your expertise as well. Your virtual assistant can help you evaluate candidates and develop a shortlist of positions based on your industry.


  • What are the strategic objectives of your business? Are you looking to achieve a certain level of market capitalization? Do you want to reach specific profitability targets? Do you have a path to exit? These questions will form the basis of the day-to-day operational strategies that underlie your business. We can help you develop realistic targets based on market research and budgeting.


Business Plan


Access to Financing

A 2016 Small Business Credit Survey showed that an incredible 58% of new ventures struggled to obtain the necessary financing for expansion. Consequently, a lack of adequate funding often causes market opportunity loss. In the end, companies fail at making investments that secure the viability of their business in the long-term. If you’re seeking capital for your startup business idea then there are a few options available.

  • You could save up the capital on your own as well. For example, having accurate budgets in place helps ensure that you can cover all initial asset purchases, leases and operating expenses for at least 6 months. Accordingly, your virtual assistant can help you prepare forecasts that would serve as a solid blueprint for your saving.


  • You could apply for a bank loan. Financial institutions tend to have strict criteria in place governing credit policies for new business owners. In order to push your application over the line, you need to ensure that your documentation and presentation are up to the task. Your remote assistant can work with you to gather credit reports, bank statements, and other paperwork and they can also help you prepare a strong pitch for your startup business ideas.


  • You could attempt to secure funding from a venture capitalist. Again this will require significant preparation and a solid business plan that communicates your startup business ideas in a practical fashion.


  • You could crowdfund your idea through an online campaign. This is a relatively new financing avenue and your VA can research platforms that meet your requirements.


Austin Texas


Support Your Objectives

We’ve already mentioned how vital recruitment is, for realizing your startup business ideas.  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs simply lack the resources to cover all of their talent requirements. Generally, support functions like IT, marketing, bookkeeping, and administration end up neglected in favor of clear value-adding activities. Often, these shortages are made up by the business owner himself, which can result in a lack of consistent leadership at the helm of the business.

By hiring a virtual assistant you can ensure that a variety of these tasks are handled by a competent, qualified worker that is able to provide assistance as needed during your business startup. At A2ZVA our team in Austin, Texas is capable of handling daily ledger maintenance, scheduling, client communications, basic IT support, digital marketing and payroll amongst other key tasks. With us at your back, you can start taking your business forward from day one.


10 Amazingly Effective Small Business Development Services

10 Amazingly Effective Small Business Development Services

Small Business Development Services Ensure Business Growth

Setting up a business is only half the battle. The other half is growing your business. You need to invest countless hours and dollars into the business venture to see it succeed. Think of your business as your baby. You can’t take care of it on your own, and you need help from others to nurture your business and make it grow. Being attached to your business is good but too much attachment will make it difficult for you to see what your business needs to improve. Sometimes outsourcing business development efforts, especially in the early stages of a company, is the best thing to do. Not only does this provide you with the capabilities and business acumen that you lack, but it also gives you a third-party perspective. Small business development services is a way to add more value to your business.


Small Business Development Services


How A2ZVA Can Help Local Micro Businesses in Austin, TX

Whether you are a recent startup or have been in business for a few years, you will have to overcome numerous challenges to grow. Some of these challenges include legal complications, product development issues, and a competitor having greater marketing resources. Our virtual assistants have the experience of working with local micro businesses and can help you overcome all organizational challenges.

There are several benefits of partnering with A2ZVA including capitalizing on opportunities, saving time, adapting your business to market changes, setting achievable targets, and building effective teams. Following are ten amazingly effective small business development services that help improve company growth and value.



1. Business Services –  Name Search and Reserving

The first step to incorporate a new company is reserving a company name. Using this service, you can not only determine a name that matches your personality and trade but can also reserve the company name or check the availability of the same.



2. Startup Business Development Corporation Filings (LLC, Corp, Org)

Second, all the choices you make when starting a business are critical. One of the most important is the type of legal structure you select for your company. The most common types of business entities include sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC). Moreover, the right kind of business entity for you will depend on three primary factors: liability, taxation, and record-keeping. Based on these factors and more, small business development services will advise you on what is the best legal structure for your company and then fill the proper paperwork out. You then have less of a headache to deal with later on.


Local Micro Businesses


3. Tax and Sales—Tax ID Numbers

Regardless of your business entity type, if you have an employee, then you need an employer identification number (EIN). EIN is an identification number assigned by the IRS to your business and its original purpose is to assign ID numbers to employers. If your business sells products or services in a state that charges sales tax, then one of the first things that you need to get is a Sales Tax ID number. A small business development partner can have this done for you. You will need the tax ID number to collect and submit sales taxes to the tax authority in Austin, TX.



4. Reserve and Register Trademark & Register Copyrights

By reserving and registering copyrights and trademarks, you can legally protect original ideas from being stolen and used as the property of someone else. With a business development partner by your side, you can be aware if anything is already copyrighted while protecting your own ideas from being stolen.



5. Domain Registration. Website Design & Hosting on SSD.

Ready to get your website up and running? Looking for a web hosting solution? Then business development services can help. Not only will these services enable you to find and register a domain name, they will also provide you with a website design and hosting service that caters to all your needs.


Austin Texas


6. Social Media Account Creation for Developing a Small Business

Next, conversion, conversion, conversion—this is what businesses using social media platforms aim for. However, this only happens when you genuinely engage with your target audience on social media.  You need to be able to and build a relationship with them. Small business development services help local micro-businesses achieve the above by providing social media management.



7. Small Business Development Coaching

A business development coach can also provide you with the tools and perspective you need to resolve any underlying issues. Coaches are also effective in transitioning companies from point A to point B. More importantly, this is the point where you start to think about the growth of both your employees and your business. Additionally, you get excellent customer support and appointment services.



8. Acquiring Your Business Licenses and Permits

In the excitement of starting a new business, many local micro-businesses ignore the need for licenses and permits. This is one of the most common mistakes that new business owners in Austin, TX make. If you want to start a business, you need to obtain several different licenses and permits from federal, state, and local government. The good news is that small business development services in Austin; TX can make this easy for you.


Business Licenses and Permits


9. Business Insurance

Today, there are more than forty-five million businesses in the United States. Of these forty-five million businesses, about 99% are categorized as local micro businesses or small businesses. Moreover, about forty -million of the businesses in the United States have 20 or fewer employees. One thing that is common among all businesses in the U.S regardless of their size is the need for business insurance, which a business development service can help you get.



10. Merchant Account Setup

Lastly, you need to set up a merchant account. This is like a special type of business bank account. This type of account allows your small business to accept different types of payments such as debit and credit card payments. Setting up a merchant is extremely important for your business and this is something small business development services in Austin, TX can help you with.

A2ZVA provides many small businesses in Austin, Texas the opportunity to grow with a virtual assistant. See what our VAs can do for you so that you can ensure business growth and stability.


Supercharge Your Customer Service Experience

Supercharge Your Customer Service Experience

Why Is Customer Service Experience So Important?

Customer service may not be the most exciting part about running a business, but it is one of the most important. However, businesses don’t always pay attention to the customer service experience. When this is not done, brand enforcement tend to be quite difficult. Customers want something that breaks the clutter. A study by CapGemini consulting shows that customers, on average, bring in about 23% more revenue if they associate strongly with the brand they’re buying. You can also infer from this that you must provide a unique customer service experience to your customers.

Likewise, your business in Austin, Texas will not be as completely successful without implementing consumer services. Consumer services are like gold to a company needing to strengthen their brand image. Although while it is plausible that some of your interactions are fruitful, not all of them will be. The customer will not praise you for your products if they don’t perceive it to be of any value to them.

Customers can also take to social media these days will also if they feel that you are not providing the services they expected or were promised to them. Consumer services create that unique blend of experiences is what your customers expect. It even serves to exceed their expectations in certain circumstances.

Reviews are the lifeblood of many businesses and when you are getting bad reviews more than good ones, something is wrong.

It is shown through research that there are 89% of people who read more than 2 online reviews and 15% read 11 online reviews. Furthermore, 88% trust online reviews before making a purchase, according to a Business 2 Community infographic.

You must pay attention to the reviews and take the bad ones as a starting point to where your business in Austin, Texas can improve.


Customer Service Experience


Your Business is Actually a Problem Solver

Businesses have a single task, to come up with solutions for customers. If your customers didn’t have a problem, then there wouldn’t be a need for your business. That’s saying a lot because if they don’t pay attention to what they need from you, they’ll shut you down by going elsewhere. Therefore, It’s not just your product that constitutes part of the solution, it’s your customer service experience as well.



Listen to Customers and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You should also listen to your customers and develop consumer services that are centered around them. This will allow them to remember you positively. Doing customer service right the first time allows you to prove your mettle in your business space and strengthen your brand in the market.

The customer lifetime value is a measure of the net profit you derive over the span of the entire relationship with a particular customer. A factor in maximizing this value for your business is to establish a superior customer service experience around your business.



Improving That Experience

To supercharge your customer experience, you must do the following.


Strive To Improve Continuously

You should be honest and clear with yourself and your customers about your offering. You should also outline exactly how your customers can get access to your services and what’s involved in buying your products.

Not only that, concentrate on improving that product itself as well as the augmented product and services around it. Gather information on what your customers think about your product. Ask them what is missing and what could be improved.

You can conduct marketing focus groups to get a fair idea of the impression of your products and the consumer services they offer services. You get instant feedback through focus groups and note that feedback down to make changes.

Become customer-centric with the offering of your business and you’ll see the benefits that follow. This is how you can win over customers in Austin, Texas. Delight customers when possible and try to anticipate their problems. You can also help solve them before a customer has a chance to pinpoint them.

If you are in the e-commerce business you may choose to improve your checkout process as a way to improve your customer service experience.


Consumer Services


Empower Your Employees with Decision Making Powers

If your customer service employees feel stifled at the lack of flexibility given to them, they are likely to reflect poorly on your business. This means you will not be able to deliver the customer service experience that you hoped to deliver.

You need to empower your employees and one way to do that is to let them make decisions on your behalf. Your workplace policies may not allow this but it is important to make an exception at times. Your employees will feel involved and important with more responsibilities paired with greater accountability. With growing accountability for the responsibilities on their shoulders, you’ll be able to see which of your employees is up to the challenge.

Your customer service experience will also improve tremendously as your customers will see the increased enthusiasm and motivation of your employees and will appreciate their efforts if they see fit. This is likely to bode well for your business especially when you show your employees that you trust them. You’ll allow your employees to grow and get more business for you.

Monitor their progress and retain the successful parts of their decisions, to provide a greater level of service.



Nothing Beats a Great Team

Your customers in Austin, Texas will appreciate your services if you have the right team to back it up. You should make sure that your team of employees dealing with customers are your very best. They should be able to handle objections and pay attention to online reviews so that your customers know you care. If you have the resources to hire in-house professionals, you can go with that. But they can be expensive and cost you. Experienced professionals with an outsourced customer support team is always an option.

Hire professionals who know the ins and outs of your industry and have prior experience to anticipate concerns. Outsourced professionals will be passionate about your product and actually, listen to your customers and find solutions for them. This is part of a greater customer service experience for your business.

A customer service experience is incomplete without your consumer services representatives actually listening to your customers in Austin, Texas. To hire professionals in customer service that are right for your business, get in touch with us at A2ZVA.


Austin Texas



What We Wish Everyone Knew About Small Business Assistance

What We Wish Everyone Knew About Small Business Assistance

Are You Struggling to Get the Small Business Assistance You Need?

In a 2017 survey of small business owners, half of all respondents agreed that the U.S government wasn’t doing enough to support them. Startups face constant cash flow concerns, financing difficulties, and a genuine chance of failure within the first four years. It’s easy to see why so many startups feel as if they’re fighting against the odds. But the truth is that there is a wealth of resources available for small business assistance if you know where to look. Government grants and tax incentives allow much easier success if you took advantage of some of these great opportunities.


Small Business Assistance


Why National Development Planning Focuses on Small Business

National development planning is often set up to promote the interests of large corporations. However, newer ventures play a much more significant role in driving growth across the economy. These agile, forward-thinking firms add much-needed competition. Without competition, it would be like having a really stale business market. Likewise, these firms help bring down prices and produce more innovative products and services. Unlike national companies, small businesses usually hire from places like the local workforce. This in turn also helps create more opportunities in an otherwise neglected job market.




Every entrepreneur can stand to benefit from free funding. After all, budgetary constraints are one of the main obstacles restricting startup growth. Unfortunately, Federal and private grants can be somewhat tricky to come by.  However, small business assistance programs tend to favor non-profits and educational providers. If a commercial venture does manage to qualify for a Federal grant, it usually involves relocating to another city or State. For example, the Texas Enterprise Fund provides small business assistance in the form of cash grants. Thes grants though are only accessible to businesses that can reliably create at least 75 jobs in urban areas. For instance, a place like Austin, Texas would be an ideal place. Or you might also qualify by creating a minimum of 25 jobs in rural communities across the state in question.

However, there are funding opportunities available to startups that wish to remain in their own industry and area.  The Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) is set up to encourage small businesses. This program currently boasts a budget of $100 million and at least 11 different agencies participate with SBIR. The Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR) serves a similar purpose although participants in this program are required to work closely with their sponsoring agencies after grant approval.

Indeed, there are also a host of private grants that are available through some corporate contests. With this in mind, every year organizations like FedEx, Wal-Mart, and Chase offer thousands of dollars in funding to small businesses across the country.




Even the most experienced accountant can sometimes struggle with the complexity of business taxes. But if you’re savvy enough to identify the hundreds of loopholes and incentives available for small business assistance, then you can cut your annual operating costs quite significantly.  Here is a rundown of some highly effective deductions that you should be taking full advantage of.

  • If you work from a home office, then you can claim all rent, mortgages, insurance payments and utilities associated with the working area (calculated by square footage). Any furniture, equipment, and stationery required to maintain your home office are also considered to be a deductible expense.
  • You can also deduct any travel expenses incurred for business. This includes mileage costs, toll fees, parking costs, and even your car lease payments. Make sure to keep detailed notes about all business-related trips so that you can make accurate deductions.
  • Self-employed individuals can deduct all payments made towards health insurance premiums for themselves and their families.
  • If your small business runs any employee benefit programs, then you can claim these expenses as valid deductions on your tax filings.
  • Any money you spend on training programs, professional development books and classes can be claimed as valid business deductions.

All initial start-up costs including business registration fees, salaries for temporary staff, legal costs and accounting fees are valid deductions. Our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas can help you identify and calculate these expenses during the startup phase.


National Development Planning


Training Programs

Apart from the specific educational resources available through agency websites, there are also 900 Small Business Development Centres across the United States that any entrepreneur can feel free to use. SBDCs run in partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA), a government organization that is specifically dedicated to providing a range of small business assistance services. These services include business planning, specialist support, license and permit assistance, and help to obtain Federal contracts.



Loan Programs

Entrepreneurs often struggle to get the necessary financing in order to establish or grow their business. In most cases, banks and other lending institutions also impose extremely high credit restrictions. Even the most financially astute business owner can struggle to meet the guidelines set forth. In these situations, the SBA can provide additional guarantees to help secure a critical loan.  Through its new initiative LINC, the SBA also connects startups with angel investors who can provide the necessary funding they need.

At A2ZVA in Austin, Texas our virtual assistants can help you gain access to all the resources you need to ensure the strength and financial stability of your new venture.


Loan Programs

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Administrative Support Assistant

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Administrative Support Assistant

The Skills Of An Administrative Support Assistant Help You Succeed.

With the advent of automated technologies and smart service applications, the value of human capital seems to have reached its lowest ebb.  While managers continue to pay lip service to the idea that people are their greatest assets, their private sentiments reflect a wholly different picture.

According to a survey from Korn Ferry Institute, at least 75% of business leaders admitted that they saw their employees as a cost, rather than an asset. But the statistics simply don’t agree. Recent research has shown that assets like machinery, facilities, and even technology actually account for only 20% of a business’s value, while the remaining 80% is defined by the knowledge contained within your organization.

Of course, when you’re faced with a limited budget and pressing staff shortages it can be difficult to find appropriately skilled talent that will take your business to the next level. In many cases, these ongoing operating constraints may even lead you to neglect support positions that could prove critical, as new challenges arise. From multinational corporations to startups, administrative support assistants offer a range of expertise that can inspire profitability and productivity throughout your business, for years to come.  Here are some of the main advantages of hiring an administrative support assistant.


Administrative Support Assistant


1 – Focus On What You’re Best At

Entrepreneurs are often forced to wear many hats over the course of a normal day. But while you might have an in-depth understanding of your products and services, that doesn’t mean you will be equipped to handle all the other aspects of running a business. In any moment you might be faced with legal questions, IT issues, time-consuming scheduling and appointment setting tasks, and various marketing concerns.  No matter how adept you are one or more of these activities will reveal weaknesses in your overall skillset.

A qualified administrative support assistant can cover these problem areas and provide critical competencies where necessary. When you hire an administrative support assistant you can be assured that:

  • All documentation is filed and organized for easy reference
  • Key financial records are kept up to date.
  • Client meetings begin on time, and that you’re suitably prepared to answer any concerns.
  • Appointments and phone calls are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Ultimately, you get the time to focus on tasks which actually bring revenue to your business with full confidence that everything is else is being taken care of.



 2 – A Store of Knowledge

A workplace study conducted by Florida State University revealed that most workers believe their secretaries understand their daily routine better than even their spouses.  It’s not surprising, administrative support assistants perform a number of different duties that correspond closely to their bosses’ working requirements.  Whether you need help with hiring, communications or document preparation; chances are that you will be relying on your assistant to ensure that these activities are coordinated and executed according to your specific needs.



3 – Professionalism

Although accessibility is always a positive in today’s connected world, being too available can create a distinctly amateurish impression. Think about it, when you call into a company, do you expect the owner himself to pick up the call? No matter how small your business might be, hiring an administrative support assistant can add some much-needed prestige to your fledgling operation.

A qualified administrative support assistant can also add more efficiency to your client outreach activities. Instead of jotting down email addresses and contact numbers, you can simply refer interested customers or business partners to your assistant who will then handle all aspects of scheduling and appointment-setting in a friendly, professional manner. The additional barrier also helps weed out less serious inquiries from people that don’t respect your time or efforts.


Qualified Support Assistant


4- Planning

Almost half of all businesses don’t make it to their fifth year. While anyone can come up with an innovative idea, it takes real talent to grow your idea into a solid business model that can maintain and even expand profitability in the face of increasing market pressures. Hiring an administrative support assistant can help you lay the foundation for this sort of model. These employees bring order and organization to the chaos of your everyday operations.

When you need to expand your workforce, your administrative support assistant can bring up payroll documentation that helps you set a budget for your recruitment efforts. If you’re seeking out additional funding for a new capital investment, your assistant can help you draft a well-supported business plan that accurately represents your finances and future profitability.  When you’re trying to enter a new market, your administrative support assistant can provide targeted research that helps you connect with prospective clients.



5 – Productivity

While you might take pride in spending long hours at your desk, the truth is that 40-hour work weeks are by far the most successful method of doing business.  By cutting back your hours you can significantly increase your productivity and actually accomplish more than you would over a 12-hour shift. When you hire an administrative support assistant you gain access to a specialist in time management. Your assistant can arrange business activities for the day, down to the smallest details and arrange these activities by prioritizing the most pressing tasks first. By ensuring that all critical tasks are dealt with before it’s time to clock out, you can make real strides forward for your business on a daily basis.



6 – Delegation

If there’s one thing that can stymie productivity, it’s micromanagement.  A business owner that inserts themselves into every area aspect of their organization is only likely to hurt efficiency. Of course, relinquishing control isn’t easy when it’s your reputation and financial prosperity on the line.  A trusted administrative support assistant understands how you work, what you’re thinking and the quality of work you expect. Based on this understanding they can then act as extensions of your authority across the organization.

When you’re unable to supervise a critical project or provide vital input, you can hire an administrative support assistant to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely, accurate fashion.


Austin Texas



Mistakes Not To Make When Hiring A Virtual Office Assistant

Mistakes Not To Make When Hiring A Virtual Office Assistant

Don’t be deceived, success with a virtual office assistant doesn’t come like magic.

Most people make a lot of mistakes from the beginning hoping that with a Virtual Office Assistant, all their problems will be solved immediately. You’ll be disappointed in the long run if you follow their lead. Anything worth something in life takes time. There is no poof and wishing things into fruition. If that was the case, we would all be millionaires. With Ferrari’s am I right?

If you have a desire for absolute success like I do, then here are few tips on what you mustn’t do while hiring a virtual office assistant.


Virtual Office Assistant


Don’t Hire a Virtual Office Assistant to Take All Your Business Roles

Hiring a Virtual Assistant isn’t to substitute your ultimate roles in your business but just to offload some stressing roles and free up some space for you to concentrate on the most important ones. Many business owners fail to understand from the starting what roles a Virtual Assistant (VA) undertakes and how they close the spaces between their tight schedules. They hire Virtual Office Assistants with the belief that their entire business success depends on the tasks they undertake.  Of course, your business success could be tired to the flawless executive functions of your (VOA) but that doesn’t mean you should leave everything up to them. A Virtual Office Assistants should be hired to fill the spaces between your schedules to give you more time for other pressing needs.



Don’t Hire a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) When You Aren’t Ready

Before hiring a Virtual Office Assistant, you should be fully prepared and ready. This isn’t like writing a signpost or an advert for daily employees, waiting in the office to receive their applications or resumes and then selecting which among them you feel is more qualified for the tasks. Your employee simply works for you and takes directives from your office but a Virtual Assistant does something entirely different. They take initiatives and directives from the marketplace and turn them into informed decisions or guides for your business success. Keeping up with what’s happening in the marketplace and what may happen later strictly defines your VOA capabilities. For example, your Virtual Office Assistant should be more current on the market trends and challenges which could greatly impact your business negatively or positively.

Knowing exactly who a Virtual Office Assistant is and strictly defining what roles you’ll delegate to them when hired shows your readiness for their services. Don’t assume they’ll just jump in and start helping you achieves success. You must, first of all, streamline your business strategies, clearly define what roles you want to delegate and understand how delegating these roles to them would help you achieve your business aims. You should only hire a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) when you’ve made a complete list of tasks you want to delegate to them and train them to understand and follow your business norms to achieve your aims.



Hiring A (VA) Should Be More Than Just Filling a Role.

If you’ve undergone an employment process, you would understand that over 80% of applications submitted by intending employees aren’t worth looking at. Do you expect something different when you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant to hire? The case here is worst. Most of the beautiful applications or resumes submitted by claimed professional Virtual Assistant or whatever enticing content you see on their websites are mere copywriting. You must know who you’re hiring, their capabilities and what strategies they’ll employ to bring your desired success.

If your business doesn’t need a Virtual Assistant, please, don’t hire one. You should try as much as possible to see how the success of your business depends on some of the services rendered by a VA before going for one. Don’t be surprised, your success might just be entirely dependent on the delegated services to a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) and if you hire a wrong one, the story would be worse than you already know. You must treat your Virtual Assistant Roles as the most important roles your business will need to strive. You should your Virtual Assistant hires as the most important hires because they help to free up your time. Your time is 100% money.


Filling A Role


Don’t Let Someone Hire Your Virtual Assistant (VA) For You

While searching for a Virtual Assistant to hire, there are numerous places on the web where you can submit your job requirements and they choose the right candidate for you based on your requirements. But, most of the VOA hype simply originate from these processes. Why will someone else decide the right candidate for you? Besides, they turn out very expensive and never guarantee you a perfect selection for your list of chores. It’s best to go for the Virtual Assistant HUNT yourself to guarantee a good selection. While you submit your job description on these sites, anyone can submit proposals for your job and don’t forget, many of the said VOA experts often pay others to help them draft catchy and enticing proposals just to win a job they can’t deliver successfully.

You may decide to dump them and use someone else if you discover this later but what happens to the time you wasted on them if you ever get your money back? Why will you let someone without a perfect knowledge of your list of chores and entire business norms to decide who’s wrong or right for you. You should perform an initial search for Virtual based on streamlined parameters and within your budget. You should only make contact with the best results you got.



Don’t Hire a Candidate If You Aren’t Convinced of His Confidence and Abilities

You should only hire a Virtual Assistant you’re convinced can handle your delegated tasks flawlessly and hassle-free. Do you think it’ll be difficult to determine a candidates’ confidence? You’re right. However, interviewing your candidates and giving their answers absolute attention will reveal if they’re knowledgeable or highly experience in your line of business. This is why a2z leaves you with numerous contact options for an interview schedule to prove our highly esteemed abilities and confidence. Hiring the wrong candidate is wasting more time while looking for some time to save.



Also, you mustn’t neglect:

·        The true reasons for hiring a Virtual Office Assistant

·        Over-anticipation from Virtual Assistants (VA)

·        The Virtual Office Assistant Reviews

·        The (VOA) Language Barriers

Note: A Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) can only impact your life and business positively if you follow the whole hiring process through and get the right candidate.


Austin Texas



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