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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Administrative Support Assistant

The Skills Of An Administrative Support Assistant Help You Succeed.

With the advent of automated technologies and smart service applications, the value of human capital seems to have reached its lowest ebb.  While managers continue to pay lip service to the idea that people are their greatest assets, their private sentiments reflect a wholly different picture.

According to a survey from Korn Ferry Institute, at least 75% of business leaders admitted that they saw their employees as a cost, rather than an asset. But the statistics simply don’t agree. Recent research has shown that assets like machinery, facilities, and even technology actually account for only 20% of a business’s value, while the remaining 80% is defined by the knowledge contained within your organization.

Of course, when you’re faced with a limited budget and pressing staff shortages it can be difficult to find appropriately skilled talent that will take your business to the next level. In many cases, these ongoing operating constraints may even lead you to neglect support positions that could prove critical, as new challenges arise. From multinational corporations to startups, administrative support assistants offer a range of expertise that can inspire profitability and productivity throughout your business, for years to come.  Here are some of the main advantages of hiring an administrative support assistant.


Administrative Support Assistant

1 – Focus On What You’re Best At

Entrepreneurs are often forced to wear many hats over the course of a normal day. But while you might have an in-depth understanding of your products and services, that doesn’t mean you will be equipped to handle all the other aspects of running a business. In any moment you might be faced with legal questions, IT issues, time-consuming scheduling and appointment setting tasks, and various marketing concerns.  No matter how adept you are one or more of these activities will reveal weaknesses in your overall skillset.

A qualified administrative support assistant can cover these problem areas and provide critical competencies where necessary. When you hire an administrative support assistant you can be assured that:

  • All documentation is filed and organized for easy reference
  • Key financial records are kept up to date.
  • Client meetings begin on time, and that you’re suitably prepared to answer any concerns.
  • Appointments and phone calls are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Ultimately, you get the time to focus on tasks which actually bring revenue to your business with full confidence that everything is else is being taken care of.



 2 – A Store of Knowledge

A workplace study conducted by Florida State University revealed that most workers believe their secretaries understand their daily routine better than even their spouses.  It’s not surprising, administrative support assistants perform a number of different duties that correspond closely to their bosses’ working requirements.  Whether you need help with hiring, communications or document preparation; chances are that you will be relying on your assistant to ensure that these activities are coordinated and executed according to your specific needs.



3 – Professionalism

Although accessibility is always a positive in today’s connected world, being too available can create a distinctly amateurish impression. Think about it, when you call into a company, do you expect the owner himself to pick up the call? No matter how small your business might be, hiring an administrative support assistant can add some much-needed prestige to your fledgling operation.

A qualified administrative support assistant can also add more efficiency to your client outreach activities. Instead of jotting down email addresses and contact numbers, you can simply refer interested customers or business partners to your assistant who will then handle all aspects of scheduling and appointment-setting in a friendly, professional manner. The additional barrier also helps weed out less serious inquiries from people that don’t respect your time or efforts.


Qualified Support Assistant

4- Planning

Almost half of all businesses don’t make it to their fifth year. While anyone can come up with an innovative idea, it takes real talent to grow your idea into a solid business model that can maintain and even expand profitability in the face of increasing market pressures. Hiring an administrative support assistant can help you lay the foundation for this sort of model. These employees bring order and organization to the chaos of your everyday operations.

When you need to expand your workforce, your administrative support assistant can bring up payroll documentation that helps you set a budget for your recruitment efforts. If you’re seeking out additional funding for a new capital investment, your assistant can help you draft a well-supported business plan that accurately represents your finances and future profitability.  When you’re trying to enter a new market, your administrative support assistant can provide targeted research that helps you connect with prospective clients.



5 – Productivity

While you might take pride in spending long hours at your desk, the truth is that 40-hour work weeks are by far the most successful method of doing business.  By cutting back your hours you can significantly increase your productivity and actually accomplish more than you would over a 12-hour shift. When you hire an administrative support assistant you gain access to a specialist in time management. Your assistant can arrange business activities for the day, down to the smallest details and arrange these activities by prioritizing the most pressing tasks first. By ensuring that all critical tasks are dealt with before it’s time to clock out, you can make real strides forward for your business on a daily basis.



6 – Delegation

If there’s one thing that can stymie productivity, it’s micromanagement.  A business owner that inserts themselves into every area aspect of their organization is only likely to hurt efficiency. Of course, relinquishing control isn’t easy when it’s your reputation and financial prosperity on the line.  A trusted administrative support assistant understands how you work, what you’re thinking and the quality of work you expect. Based on this understanding they can then act as extensions of your authority across the organization.

When you’re unable to supervise a critical project or provide vital input, you can hire an administrative support assistant to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely, accurate fashion.


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