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Mistakes Not To Make When Hiring A Virtual Office Assistant

Don’t be deceived, success with a virtual office assistant doesn’t come like magic.

Most people make a lot of mistakes from the beginning hoping that with a Virtual Office Assistant, all their problems will be solved immediately. You’ll be disappointed in the long run if you follow their lead. Anything worth something in life takes time. There is no poof and wishing things into fruition. If that was the case, we would all be millionaires. With Ferrari’s am I right?

If you have a desire for absolute success like I do, then here are few tips on what you mustn’t do while hiring a virtual office assistant.


Virtual Office Assistant

Don’t Hire a Virtual Office Assistant to Take All Your Business Roles

Hiring a Virtual Assistant isn’t to substitute your ultimate roles in your business but just to offload some stressing roles and free up some space for you to concentrate on the most important ones. Many business owners fail to understand from the starting what roles a Virtual Assistant (VA) undertakes and how they close the spaces between their tight schedules. They hire Virtual Office Assistants with the belief that their entire business success depends on the tasks they undertake.  Of course, your business success could be tired to the flawless executive functions of your (VOA) but that doesn’t mean you should leave everything up to them. A Virtual Office Assistants should be hired to fill the spaces between your schedules to give you more time for other pressing needs.



Don’t Hire a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) When You Aren’t Ready

Before hiring a Virtual Office Assistant, you should be fully prepared and ready. This isn’t like writing a signpost or an advert for daily employees, waiting in the office to receive their applications or resumes and then selecting which among them you feel is more qualified for the tasks. Your employee simply works for you and takes directives from your office but a Virtual Assistant does something entirely different. They take initiatives and directives from the marketplace and turn them into informed decisions or guides for your business success. Keeping up with what’s happening in the marketplace and what may happen later strictly defines your VOA capabilities. For example, your Virtual Office Assistant should be more current on the market trends and challenges which could greatly impact your business negatively or positively.

Knowing exactly who a Virtual Office Assistant is and strictly defining what roles you’ll delegate to them when hired shows your readiness for their services. Don’t assume they’ll just jump in and start helping you achieves success. You must, first of all, streamline your business strategies, clearly define what roles you want to delegate and understand how delegating these roles to them would help you achieve your business aims. You should only hire a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) when you’ve made a complete list of tasks you want to delegate to them and train them to understand and follow your business norms to achieve your aims.



Hiring A (VA) Should Be More Than Just Filling a Role.

If you’ve undergone an employment process, you would understand that over 80% of applications submitted by intending employees aren’t worth looking at. Do you expect something different when you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant to hire? The case here is worst. Most of the beautiful applications or resumes submitted by claimed professional Virtual Assistant or whatever enticing content you see on their websites are mere copywriting. You must know who you’re hiring, their capabilities and what strategies they’ll employ to bring your desired success.

If your business doesn’t need a Virtual Assistant, please, don’t hire one. You should try as much as possible to see how the success of your business depends on some of the services rendered by a VA before going for one. Don’t be surprised, your success might just be entirely dependent on the delegated services to a Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) and if you hire a wrong one, the story would be worse than you already know. You must treat your Virtual Assistant Roles as the most important roles your business will need to strive. You should your Virtual Assistant hires as the most important hires because they help to free up your time. Your time is 100% money.


Filling A Role

Don’t Let Someone Hire Your Virtual Assistant (VA) For You

While searching for a Virtual Assistant to hire, there are numerous places on the web where you can submit your job requirements and they choose the right candidate for you based on your requirements. But, most of the VOA hype simply originate from these processes. Why will someone else decide the right candidate for you? Besides, they turn out very expensive and never guarantee you a perfect selection for your list of chores. It’s best to go for the Virtual Assistant HUNT yourself to guarantee a good selection. While you submit your job description on these sites, anyone can submit proposals for your job and don’t forget, many of the said VOA experts often pay others to help them draft catchy and enticing proposals just to win a job they can’t deliver successfully.

You may decide to dump them and use someone else if you discover this later but what happens to the time you wasted on them if you ever get your money back? Why will you let someone without a perfect knowledge of your list of chores and entire business norms to decide who’s wrong or right for you. You should perform an initial search for Virtual based on streamlined parameters and within your budget. You should only make contact with the best results you got.



Don’t Hire a Candidate If You Aren’t Convinced of His Confidence and Abilities

You should only hire a Virtual Assistant you’re convinced can handle your delegated tasks flawlessly and hassle-free. Do you think it’ll be difficult to determine a candidates’ confidence? You’re right. However, interviewing your candidates and giving their answers absolute attention will reveal if they’re knowledgeable or highly experience in your line of business. This is why a2z leaves you with numerous contact options for an interview schedule to prove our highly esteemed abilities and confidence. Hiring the wrong candidate is wasting more time while looking for some time to save.



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Note: A Virtual Office Assistant (VOA) can only impact your life and business positively if you follow the whole hiring process through and get the right candidate.


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