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Social Media Strategy: Why Its Necessary To Have a Social Presence.

An Effective Social Media Strategy Could Change your Business

The top three social media platforms in the world (Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram) attract an average of 3 billion people every month. You may not be able to reach every single one of those users. Instead, if you can convert just a fraction of that audience, then you’re well on your way to success. That is the power of social media itself. By networking, you provide your business the ability to attract, engage and build relationships. Plus, it’s free. No wonder 92% of marketers claim that having a great social media strategy is an essential part of their business.

However, over the past decade, social media marketing has evolved considerably. Today, companies spend upwards of $200 billion on advertising through these channels. Incredibly, that’s more than the total amount of television spending in 2017 alone. Meanwhile, websites like Facebook have updated their algorithms to promote user content over promotional a post, which makes it far harder to connect with your target audience.  With more robust competition and greater restrictions, small businesses need a well-managed social media strategy in place to make their online presence count.


Social Media Strategy, Austin Texas

How to Build a Strong Social Media Strategy

Our VA’s in Austin, Texas have years of experience helping clients plan and execute their social media strategy. Your approach will differ depending on your industry and target audience. However, there are some essential steps that every business needs to take to build an engaging online brand.



Assign Objectives

A winning social media strategy has to align with clear business goals. Without targets in place, you will be unable to assess your ROI, or address any issues between current and desired performance levels. If you’re looking to increase the clarity of your brand and grow your reputation in the market, then profile awareness would be a great metric to use. You can measure how visible you are by watching users gained over a given period. Or also the number of hashtag mentions your brand garners on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to integrate your social media into existing network marketing strategies then conversions might be a far more telling metric. Implement tracking links to your social media posts that link directly to your website landing page. Yuu can measure clicks through even the simplest tools. From here, you can assess how many of these visits led to purchases and optimized your social media strategy accordingly.

A less technical way of evaluating the success of social media in your network marketing strategies is through sales growth. If you see a marked rise in revenues over a given period, then your social media strategy is working. Then, I would have to say, it’s safe to say that you’re moving in the right direction.



Build a Buyer Persona

Before you can start marketing, you need to have a firm idea of who your core audience is. After all, even giant companies tend to focus their marketing on certain market segments to get the most out of their budgets. Detailed buyer personas will help you focus your social media strategy in the right direction.

A buyer persona is basically a composite sketch built from existing and prospective customers that are likely to follow your business and purchase your products. Accurate buyer personas constructed from real data give a lot more detail than intuition by itself. A great way to find the data you need is through social media monitoring tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. These analytics tools offer a range of data about the people visiting your social media pages including their gender, age, location, primary language, and even their interests and occupations. With these insights in hand, you can start to tailor your social media strategy to reach your most engaged followers.

For those of you who are running network marketing strategies, this ability will be sure to jumpstart your conversions as you will be able to narrow down the lead generation and sales efforts towards the hottest prospects.


Network Marketing Strategies, Austin Texas


Now that you know what you want to achieve and who you’re marketing to it’s time to start posting. Clearly, the key to content marketing is consistency. A regularly updated social media profile keeps followers coming back. Yet, a haphazard posting strategy is more likely to result in variable engagement. A social media calendar is an excellent tool for maintaining consistency. Tailoring your schedule also allows you to plan out posts based on product roll-outs. Scheduling is also able to add in significant seasonal events like Christmas and Black Friday. Therefore, I would say this newfound ability enables you to monopolize visitor attention.  Our virtual assistants in Austin, Texas can help you craft a content plan that meets the needs of your social media strategy.



Exciting, Relevant Content

Your social media page is not an online storefront, that’s what your business website is meant to do. Instead, your profile serves as a frontline marketing tool that can be used to tell your brand’s story engagingly. You can also use social media to position your business as an innovator in the industry. Content is the key to both of these goals. Both today and tomorrow.



Developing Content for Network Marketing Strategies

  • Start with the business itself. Your social media page is a great way to communicate what makes your product different from other companies.
  • The next step is to create relevancy. Focus on providing engaging content and also events and activities that intersect with your offerings. For example, network marketing strategies built around a health and fitness product can offer diet and exercise tips and tutorials that align with your overall marketing.
  • Put a face to your content! Introduce yourself to Facebook Live or YouTube and create video content that speaks to your followers. Offer selling tips, tutorials and daily updates that can motivate and engage visitors.


Facebook Content Development

Remote Social Media Management in Austin, Texas

We understand that you might not have the time or budget to dedicate to a full-time social media strategy. Our virtual assistants are here to help. We can help you set up a comprehensive brand presence across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Our virtual assistants will craft a tailored content plan, post regular updates and tackle customer concerns promptly and professionally.




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