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Appointment Services

appointment services

As a business owner, your most critical resource is time. Whether you’ve just captured a coveted lead or arranged a sales meeting with a high-value client, you need to be sure that you have the time to make the most of critical revenue-making opportunities. But when you’re forced to contend with the day-to-day management responsibilities of bookkeeping, inventory management and recruitment it can be hard to organize your calendar in the most optimal manner. Without the right systems in place, you could easily find yourself double-booking appointments or failing to follow-up with key customers.

Should You Hire an Appointment Scheduling Service?

  • The average salesperson takes 6.25 hours to schedule a single appointment.
  • It can take as many as 5 separate follow-up phone calls to close a sale.
  • Just one missed appointment can cost you up to $125.
  • At least a third of customers are looking for more effective ways to schedule appointments.

Are You Tired of Forgetting And Missing Your Appointments?

At A2Z our appointment scheduling assistants are ready to answer your phones and book appointments at all hours of the working day. When you’re swamped with operational challenges, we work to ensure that your clients are still able to access your services with ease. Whether you’re running a private clinic, a law firm or an IT startup our appointment setting assistants will make sure that you always have a direct line to your customers.

Our scheduling and appointment booking services cover:


  • Appointment Setting – We use industry-standard software to arrange your bookings through email, phone, and even text message. With so many channels available, your clients can always be assured of efficient customer service without the need for long call queues or lengthy discussions. Our experienced appointment setters will always ensure that appointments are booked around your availability to minimize the possibility of scheduling conflicts.
  • Proactive Follow-Ups – Your virtual assistant will follow-up with all initial appointments with a series of reminders via text, phone, and email to ensure that clients will be present at the agreed time. They can also work to reorganize your calendar when rescheduling or cancellations are required. Ultimately, our appointment scheduling service will ensure that you’re able to get the most value out of every business day.


  • Business Arrangements – Your virtual assistant can also handle a range of other administrative tasks that may be associated with a specific business appointment. From confirming restaurant reservations in anticipation of a client meeting to booking airline tickets for an industry trade show we will set up your operations so that you’re always ready to get to where you need to be.
  • Personal Appointments – If you’re struggling to keep up with personal responsibilities then your virtual assistant is ready to accommodate. We can assess your workday and carve out time for family duties and other tasks. Whether you need to make a dance recital or arrange a quarterly check-up for your car we can help you make time.

Business Appointment Services

  • Schedule Appointments (via phone, text or email)
  • Re-Schedule Appointments (via phone, text or email)
  • Cancel Appointments (via phone, text or email)
  • Confirm Appointments (via phone, text or email)
  • Setup Automated E-mail and or Text Reminders
  • Manage Calendars
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Restaurant Reservations

Personal Appointment Services

  • Schedule Vehicle Maintenance / Detailing Services
  • Schedule Doctor, Dentist Appointments
  • Schedule Golf Tee Times
  • Spa Appointments
  • Dinner and Lunch Reservations
  • Schedule Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Schedule Lawn Care, House Cleaning, Laundry and Pet Services

Are You Tired of Forgetting And Missing Your Appointments?

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