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Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant – What You Should Know

What Defines a Successful Realtor?

Two key factors define success in real estate, information, and relationships. The importance of knowledge should be evident. Clients seek out your services based on the needs of their company. You must have a bright background that points to the strengths they are looking for. Relationships are, if anything, even more, integral to your business. 64% of buyers still rely on word-of-mouth referrals to find agents. Realtors must look to build more authentic connections with their clients. That’s why you need a virtual real estate assistant.


Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Why Hire a Virtual Real Estate Assistant?

Almost half of all realtors work 40 hours or more a week. The vast majority of this time is dedicated to low-value activities. Finding leads and following up with clients is very time consuming, to say the least. Then, you also have things like researching property data and answering emails. While these tasks need doing, they add almost nothing to your bottom line. Unfortunately, they also take away from your primary focus; sales and purchases.
The rise of social media and other digital selling tools adds even more to your plate. You can find yourself falling behind more of the well-publicized agents without it. At A2Z, our virtual real estate assistants in Austin, Texas will take these routine, repetitive chores off your shoulders. Our, US-based team brings plenty of experience in the housing industry.
Spending money on a VREA, especially when money is tight, can be a nightmare. However, the truth is that a virtual real estate assistant allows you to grow your clientele. This, in turn, can generate real profits in the process.



How to Use a VREA

If you’re still unsure about how a remote VA can help you improve your sales, then there’s a breakdown of some the key areas that a virtual real estate assistant can help with.



Lead Generation

The average real estate agent spends at least a couple of hours every day prospecting for new leads. A study from the Keller Center at Baylor University revealed that the success rate for first-time calls stands at roughly 1.7%. That means for every 60 calls you make you might only end up with one listing. While those numbers might seem supremely unimpressive, they do yield real benefits. The Keller study shows that agents who focus on cold calling can earn up to $290,000 more in commissions every year.

A virtual real estate assistant can prove indispensable to your lead generation efforts. Just set your VA up with a list of likely prospects and they’ll get to work qualifying leads and ensuring that only likely buyers and sellers make it onto the final roster. That way you’re getting the best of both worlds. Not only do you have a self-sustaining pipeline of potential clients, but you also don’t have to spend all your spare time bringing them in.


Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Of course, once you’ve identified a willing client, you have to set up a showing that works with both of your schedules. Once again, your virtual real estate assistant can take over every aspect of these client communications from start to finish.

At A2Z, our team is set up with appointment scheduling software that helps them to ensure that all meetings and tasks stay optimally arranged according to your requirements. They can also follow-up with clients and make adjustments for cancellations and rescheduling. Again, that’s hours of work you no longer have to do. As an agent, all you’ll need to be concerned with is checking your calendar and making sure you show up to your meeting on time.



Running Your Social Media

At least 74% of sellers use social media to find their agent, while a further 60% of prospective homeowners check out reviews and online ratings before settling on a realtor. These statistics hammer home just how vital social media management is to your selling success. Whether you’re putting up new listings, posting blogs, or advertising your services, you need to have a consistent presence on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

Your real estate virtual assistant ensures that your profiles stay updated with fresh, relevant material that keeps new and existing clients coming back. Your remote assistant can also make sure that all feedback is answered politely and promptly so that interested prospects can always find your services.




Researching listings is another unavoidable time sink for most realtors. After all, when your clients have questions about a property you need to have the answers at hand. From full details about property prices and nearby schools and facilities to more detailed information about the home itself (how many bedrooms, how close is it to the freeway.) making sure that your data is correct and adequate is always a big concern. Your real estate agent can take over these activities and ensure that your listings are up-to-date and accurate; they can also furnish you with customized reports that are uniquely suited to the type of questions a potential client might ask.


Austin Texas

Direct Mailing Campaigns

Social media isn’t the only way to get the word out about your services. A targeted email campaign can help you reach out to qualified prospects and past clients in a far more effective manner. A2Z’s virtual real estate assistants in Austin, Texas have the experience to design and deploy customer email marketing campaigns that collect information and current and expired listings and deliver them in an informative package to people on your mailing lists. Your assistant can also keep your contact lists accurate and updated so that you can maximize responses with each new round of emails.



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