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Administrative Support

Do you know all of those tasks that you look past when scheduling out your day? You know the tasks that take up a good portion of your time and necessary to run a business, but might not actually end in a sale? Let your Dallas Virtual Assistant take those tasks on so you can concentrate on closing the deal, while still maintaining order and organization in your business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

When running a business, having accurate books is a vital key factor to being successful. While many business owners know how to do their businesses books, but not many business owners like doing them. Let A2ZVA make sure that your books are current, accurate and most importantly out of your hair!

Appointment Services

Know one likes to go to the dentist or the doctor, but, everyone has to at some point. Let A2ZVA call and find the perfect time to schedule that appointment for you! We can make it fit within your schedule that is the most convenient for you! Want to go to a Dallas Cowboys game? We will find the best game and plan out your perfect outing! We can even schedule household repairs and cleaning services!  

Startup Business Services

When starting a business you never really know where to start. You have this great idea, but how do you put that idea onto paper where you can turn this dream into reality. What licenses do you need, do you need insurance, a certification? Maybe you need to rent an office space or you can work out of your home. Let A2ZVA help you weave this crazy web and get you on the right track!

Social Media Management

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, the list goes on! You have so many social media platforms that you can reach out to potential customers on, the list is overwhelming! Let A2ZVA help you figure out the right path, create the content and get your company seen by many individuals! A2ZVA can help you create eye-catching content that grabs the reader’s attention and intrigues them to click and turn into a potential!

Search Engine Optimization

Do you remember the days where all you had to do was check a box to be listed on the search engines? Those days are long gone! Let A2ZVA help your company rank on the Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines so you can get in front of your target market, and your competition!

Is Your Business Losing Valuable Money?

Is Your Company Losing Valuable Money?

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Some of the Tasks We Perform


Email Management

Don’t have a panic attack looking at your email inbox! Let A2ZVA take out all of the unnecessary emails leaving you the important ones!


CRM Database Maintenance

Do you have a stack of business cards that you have to thumb through to find a contact?  Let A2ZVA input these contacts in a CRM so you can easily find your contacts!


Document/Spreadsheet Creation

Let A2ZVA help input all of your data into a spreadsheet or word document for you!

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Travel Arrangement & Planning

Needing to schedule the perfect family getaway but you don’t have the time to plan every detail? That is where we can help!


Appointment Scheduling

Stop putting off calling your dentist and booking your annual cleaning! Let A2ZVA take care of it for you!


Online Research

All of those Google results overwhelming? You never know which link to click on? Let A2ZVA narrow down the results for you and send only relevant information for you to look at.

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Ronnie St. Pierre

Ronnie St. Pierre

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Jackie St. Pierre

Owner/ Virtual Assistant

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Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright

Design Specialist/VA

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Our Mission Statement

To create lasting solutions for individuals and businesses through effective virtual administrative and customer support services.

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

When you started your business, did you think about how many hours a day, week or month you would actually spend working? Do you wish that you would have planned out a way where you could go on that family vacation and not worry if you received an email? A2ZVA is your answer! Let us take the worry out of your business. With calendar management, data entry, research, scheduling, customer support, accounting, and bookkeeping, plus many other skills, we can help you take your business to the next level AND get you some much needed ‘YOU’ time!


Why Choose A2ZVA?

A2Z Virtual Assistant Services is your number one choice for a virtual assistant in Dallas. Originated from the Lone Star State, we know what it takes to run a business, stay organized, and still have time for you and your family! We are all college educated and based in the United States so you never have to worry about not being able to get in touch with your VA. Let us give you the opportunity to take some of the stress and worry out of your life, and add some joy and excitement!

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