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Administrative Support

From scheduling, email management, transcribing, note taking and more, A2ZVA can help! There is not an administrative task in Queen City too small or too big that we can’t handle. We will be able to process customer orders, process refunds and even live chat with your customers! Imagine having all of these tasks being handled by someone other than yourself!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping is a very time-consuming task! From creating invoices, processing payments, updating reports, and monthly reconciliations the time you spend on this is valuable.  By hiring a Charlotte Virtual Assistant, you can save all of the time you spend doing these tasks each month. Not only that, but you can have reports sent to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule!

Appointment Services

Do you look at your calendar and see fuzzy blocks? Like everything just meshes together?  Do you find it hard to time an open space to schedule that plumber to come take care of that leaking pipe, or to have your new exercise equipment delivered? A2Z can help! We are able to look at your calendar and decipher the best time that works with your schedule! No need to look at the calendar and push it away because you feel like pulling your hair out!

Startup Business Services

Running your own business is a dream come true! But no one ever said dreams come easy! You need insurance, licenses, office space, a social presence and all sorts of other documents and paperwork. You won’t have to worry with a Charlotte Virtual Assistant! We can help make sure you are legal, protected and covered!

Social Media Management

Social Media is a technological networking forum.  From sharing images/videos/articles, replying to messages and comments, creating graphics, promoting posts, the list goes on and on.  A2Z can help you make you sure your online presence is top notch and gaining the most visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s be honest, receiving coupons in the mail, or ads in the newspaper are old news.  Everyone looks online for the companies and items to purchase. With so many companies being on the internet, you have to have outstanding Search Engine Optimization.  A2Z Virtual Assistant Services can bring your company from page 80 to page 10 or even page 1!

Is Your Business Losing Valuable Money?

Is Your Company Losing Valuable Money?

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Some of the Tasks We Perform


Email Management

We can organize, unsubscribe, delete and purge all of your emails! Don’t let your inbox run you, A2Z can help!


CRM Database Maintenance

Knowing what stage your customer is in at all times is vital. We can help keep your information current and up to date!


Document/Spreadsheet Creation

When giving a presentation you want to look professional at all times. From slides to graphs, we have you covered.

Charlotte virtual assistant

Travel Arrangement & Planning

Weekend getaway, honeymoon, or surprise anniversary trip, we can do the research and make all of the arrangements.


Appointment Scheduling

Business, Personal and all of the above! Leave the scheduling to us!


Online Research

With Google, you literally have the world at your fingertips! However, online research can take up a lot of time. Let us help you narrow down your search!

Years in Business Administration

Emails Answered

Tasks Completed for Clients


Happy Clients

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About Us

Ronnie St. Pierre

Ronnie St. Pierre

Co-Owner/Virtual Assistant

{737} 333 8892

Jackie St. Pierre

Jackie St. Pierre

Owner/ Virtual Assistant

{737} 333 5767

Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright

Design Specialist/VA

[email protected]

Our Mission Statement

To create lasting solutions for individuals and businesses through effective virtual administrative and customer support services.

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  • Accuracy97%97%
  • Integrity98%98%


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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Do you ever feel like your business is running you, rather than you running your business? Do you wish for one Hornets game or one night in Uptown you can put down your phone and not feel anxious? That is when you need to hire a Charlotte Virtual Assistant! To take tasks off of your plate so you are able to disconnect and take care of yourself!


Why Choose A2ZVA?

Charlotte A2Z Virtual Assistant Services is simply the best of the best when it comes to Virtual Admin. With only college educated assistants, as well as the most experience within their field. You can go on about your day with the piece of mind that your assistant is handling the task at hand with the utmost professionalism.

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