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Administrative Support

Spreadsheets, Word Docs, Powerpoints, Databases, there is not a type of document or presentation that we can’t create! Your Baltimore virtual assistant can help you create processes, write manuals, vet potential employee’s, and many many other administrative tasks! Don’t waste any more time, let A2Z help get you on track!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Don’t let the idea of reconciling your bank account throw you into a tailspin! A2ZVA can help you prepare all financial reports for you on a monthly basis, and make sure your accounts are reconciled and current! Don’t wait until Tax Time to get started, have up to date accounting throughout the entire year!

Appointment Services

Do you want to schedule an outing to Fell’s Point, or maybe schedule a trip to see the Orioles? There is not an appointment or event that we can’t handle! Let A2Z help you schedule and confirm appointments for you!

Startup Business Services

Having a wonderful business idea is exciting. You want to jump in feet first, but once you do, you don’t know where to start. With your own VA by your side, you can help get the behind the scenes paperwork in order so you and your business are protected! Don’t give up on your dream just because of the paperwork, we are here to help!

Social Media Management

Coming up with Facebook posts, graphics, and posts to interact with your followers can be overwhelming, to say the least! Let A2ZVA help make heads or tails of your Social Media by creating content and posting for you. With a customized editorial calendar, you will have control over what is posted and when its posted!!

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone searches Google, do you go 80 pages deep or do you usually stick within the first 5 pages, 10 if it’s a difficult subject? Have you ever googled your business to see which page you fall on? Do you want to be on one of the top 10 pages, better yet, the top 5? Let A2ZA help you with your SEO and get you seen within those top 10 pages to drive more traffic to your website!

Is Your Business Losing Valuable Money?

Is Your Company Losing Valuable Money?

Talk To An Expert Today To Find Out

Some of the Tasks We Perform


Email Management

Don’t let all of the junk in your inbox cloud your urgent emails. A2ZVA can triage daily so you don’t miss anything important.


CRM Database Maintenance

Campaigns, Contact Updates, List Creations, Tags – A2Z can do it all and make sure your CRM is running smoothly!


Document/Spreadsheet Creation

Powerpoint presentation, editing a speech, A2ZVA will make sure you are in top-notch shape for any event!

baltimore virtual assistant

Travel Arrangement & Planning

Weekend getaway, or 10-day cruise, we have you covered! A2Z can plan it all!


Appointment Scheduling

Contractor or delivery to schedule? We are always eager to help arrange it around YOUR schedule!


Online Research

Looking for the best mop, or a specific cleaner. Let A2ZVA do the legwork and find it for you!

Years in Business Administration

Emails Answered

Tasks Completed for Clients


Happy Clients

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About Us

Ronnie St. Pierre

Ronnie St. Pierre

Co-Owner/Virtual Assistant

{737} 333 8892

Jackie St. Pierre

Jackie St. Pierre

Owner/ Virtual Assistant

{737} 333 5767

Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright

Design Specialist/VA

[email protected]

Our Mission Statement

To create lasting solutions for individuals and businesses through effective virtual administrative and customer support services.

  • Reliability92%92%
  • Accuracy97%97%
  • Integrity98%98%


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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

You have so much on your plate running a business, seeing to your clients and still having a life. That is a perfect reason to hire a Baltimore virtual assistant. A VA can help take the daily day to day tasks of your business off of your plate giving you back time. That precious commodity that you don’t have enough of! We can help you run your business, thus allowing you to focus on the reason why you started the business in the first place!


Why Choose A2ZVA?

We are your one-stop shop for all of your administrative, accounting, website, social media and SEO needs.  All of our VA’s are College Educated and based in the US. There is not a task that we can’t handle! An A2ZVA Baltimore virtual assistant gives you your time and sanity back!

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